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Artist: Doap Nixon f/ Good Money
Album:  Sour Diesel
Song:   Respect My G
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Hook) Good Money 2x
Money, clothes and hoes, that's how it go playa
(Respect my)
Gettin' low wit mo' papers fo' mo' capers
(Respect my)
V-twizzies and dead prezzies that's how we livin'
(Respect my)
Yo we did it, we spit it, we live it, cuz we gotta get it
(Respect my G)

[Doap] Just a simple respect is all we ask
[Good] And you reach that boss level when you dealin' wit cash
[Doap] We did it at last
[Good] Shake bake and they all fake
[Doap] We got the game lock wit both hands like Allstate
[Doap] And they ball fake
[Good] While we chillin' the most
[Doap] I got these rappers turnin' broads when they chillin' wit Doap
[Good] They talkin' gangsta, put some steel in their throat
[Doap] Real G's, pull ratchets on ya meals
[Good] And we ain't feelin' ya ghost
[Good] So where you from?
[Doap] Out in the ass South Side of Summerville
[Good] And when they talk slick
[Doap] Find their face on a Hummer's grill
[Doap] We real and y'all not
[Good] Keep poppin' that trash
[Doap] Get ya booth popped
[Good] Or thrown off a rooftop
[Doap] Gangstas gon' eat
[Good] Them gangstas gon' ride
[Doap] But one part they left out
[Good] Them gangstas gon' die
[Doap] And everything else is just for the birds ock
[Doap] We got these rap niggas
[Good] Tryna leave like a herb spot
[Doap] So we can bang all night till the streets sold
[Good] Or cock back and go for broke
[Doap] Cuz they need Doap
[Doap] And ain't nobody tryna pass off
[Doap] So anything that'll make 'em cough
[Good] Put it in a glass jar
[Doap] Yo that rock work move like clock work
[Good] And if you in the block hurt
[Doap] That mean you got jerked
[Doap] And if you need a job dawg?
[Doap] Come see us we always
[Doap] Posted on the steps
[Good] Or gettin' low in them hallways
[Doap] So get ya weight up chump, cuz the pumps like...
[Doap] Them $5 style
[Good] Only works if you dump right
[Doap] And if y'all really wanna disrespect go get ya mans
[Doap] And they gon' find y'all right where the river ends

(Hook) Good Money 2x

[Good] To get my naked don't upset me fam
[Doap] Tray-8 blue steel like a Pepsi can
[Good] It's only two things to do and I address you man
[Doap] Confess
[Good] Or the rescue van, so what it look like?
[Good] Let's take 'em to an instant high
[Doap] So pucker up ya lips before you kiss the sky
[Good] I'ma reel y'all in like a fish in line
[Doap] I keep that beef on a stick like shish kabob
[Good] We the truth in this bitch but quick to lie
[Doap] Equipped wit nines
[Good] On the block facin' my grind
[Good] My teammates...
[Doap] Will cremate the block for months
[Doap] Pop the trunk
[Good] A pound and a box of blunts
[Good] I got that huff
[Doap] Game fundamentally sound
[Good] You got a 5'10" bell sittin' Indian style
[Good] We got that remedy howl
[Good] We was hated before, a love later just a memory now
[Good] Cuz up until now
[Doap] It hasn't been so great
[Good] Now chicks blowin' us off like Nintendo tapes
[Doap] Doap stay deep in the streets
[Good] Plus you got Nef waitin'
[Good] Beast of the East until we Wes Craven
[Good] Uhhh, fuck the speed limit
[Doap] Top of my keen vision
[Good] Plottin' my scheme vicious
[Doap] We bout this CREAM niggas
[Doap] While y'all dudes actin' feminem dawg
[Good] Just give 'em 18 holes like miniature golf
[Good] Uhhh

(Hook) Good Money 2xate

(Outro) Doap
Respect my G, my Gangsta, my Game and my Government
Doap Nixon, G-Money, uhhh