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Artist: Doap Nixon
Album:  Sour Diesel
Song:   Just Venting
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Doap talking)
Yeah, take a lil intermission, uh-huh, pay these bills
We'll get back to 'Sour Diesel' in a minute
That's right, whad'up Mag, my nigga Reef
Paz wazup my nigga, peace Knowledge-Knowledge
Planetary, Crypt the Warchild, Jus Allah
AOTP, whadup fuckaz, Chief Kamachi, y'all niggas ready?
Yeah, I'm tired of playin' witch'all mothafuckaz
'Sour Diesel' the album
I smack a section off ya fuckin' head
I put this hot fuckin' ratchet to ya biscuit, pussies
Uh-huh, this is real fuckin' bizness right here
Grown men B.I. WHAT!!?!!
Yo, yo, give it to 'em
I'm 'Just Venting' y'all, uh-huh c'mon

[Doap Nixon]
Yo I ain't tryna be fly, I got no need to stunt
That ain't me dawg, I don't drink or smoke blunts
I ain't tryna be y'all, I'm tryna be myself
I'm tryna enjoy life dawg a hundred G wit hoe
I wanted 16, Paz said give 'em 30
This is for my niggas up in Boston to the Dirty-Dirty
Can't forget New Jersey, that's right next to Philly
Dawg you heard me, you want the real then please observe me
Y'all niggas nerdy
Y'all get the brrrat-brrr-blocka-rrrata-tatta-atomatic gats
And the same goes, for all y'all noodle niggas 
And y'all lame hoes who wanna ride now my fame blows
I'm on top of everything, let the lawyer push the big toys
I let wifey rock heavy bling, my name is on everything
From toys out on West Europe, hustlin' everything
From T-shirt to the best syrup
So hurry up and pay homage, I spray llamas
Swiss Cheese y'all niggas soufflé drama wit eight commas
That means period, y'all niggas is lame fucks
Got a problem wit the kid Nix then put that change up
Cock suckaz!!!