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Artist: Doap Nixon
Album:  Jedi Mind Tricks Presents Doap Nixon - Sour Diesel
Song:   Intro
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

This that dope shit right here cuz-o (that dope shit)
While y'all bringin that swagger an' shit
That fuckin Germantown brown an' shit
Nix' gon' give you that Sour Diesel shit homey, f'real
Knahmean? (That's that shit right there, no doubt)
(That Sour Diesel shit from Philly)
Fuck dat man! (We runnin Philly)
Why Philly? It don't matter where the fuck you from
Yeah (Y'all know about that Q Da Minutemen)
(You remember that shit) Aiyyo T.P., I'm here
I'm higher than I ever been before cuz-o
(First one on y'all) Yeah, they ain't ready for it man
(Second one is on me) Knahmsayin? We fuckin bosses out here
(Sour Diesel) Yeah Doap, give it to 'em dog

[Doap Nixon]
Yo, Yo, John Kennedy rap
Niggaz cooked and sold they soul for stacks
I put the drugs down, so I got my memory back
New drinks bring the energy back
Mentally clap at this whole game (blap blap) with penitentiary raps
Got my freedom 'bout a century back
Couldn't swim nine thousand miles so they said Kenny was black
That means I'm half original, dominant color's the visual
Can't live life without principles
I joined a team and we all identical
Lyrical heavyweights on the tip of this tentacle
I'm out for blood and I'ma get it dawg
Get it all back and see what it's hittin for, nigga Sour Diesel