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Artist: Doap Nixon f/ Cynthia Holiday
Album:  Sour Diesel
Song:   Heaven Is Calling
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Doap
C'mon, uh Doap Nixon, AOTP, gotta be a betta way
I found out that by the time you make it in life
You find out you already had it, that's real talk
True story, c'mon y'all follow me

(Hook) Cynthia Holiday
'Heaven is Calling' -- For rain and snow
'Heaven is Calling' -- For rain and snow

[Doap Nixon]
Yo, if Heaven called me I musta missed the call
All the things that I touched makes me slip and fall
All the things that I had made me fall from grace
Why the words that I speak seem to cause the hate?
Got dudes on my top cuz I called 'em fake
Everybody tryna judge like they all so great
But the sun still gon' shine in a minute tho
I build wit the God, Meshach and Abednego
I swear if I had a second chance only turn back the second hand
Gold-double check the plan
Respect the fam is the first rule those that search jewels
I cast stones that curse fools
Doap Nix is a throw back, know dat
So I won't go to hell, others won't go back
But I ain't here try to preach to y'all
I'm just tryna throw a jewel that could reach to y'all

(Hook) Cynthia Holiday

[Doap Nixon]
Yo, yo, yo, my mind drifts to the smell of aroma
Of incense burnt tree outta macadamia
I move wit the Book of Life on my JanSport 
And found peace that surpassed the man's thought
Egyptian Knowledge got lost in sandstorms
Crusades transform to gang-wars
Young bucks quick to clap at the Beast
Took all the diesel out the hood and put it back on the streets
Everytime that I fell I came back on my feet
AOTP drop now I'm back wit the heat
This game's no love, the murder rates and by luck
Money got snuffed for an old grudge 
But where's the promises to be honest thing
Cover our eyes wit job and a scholarship
Section-8 occupant's anonymous
I'm neva honorin' any promise a rudiment
Word up

(Hook) Cynthia Holiday

War Vision, I'm Knowledgin' witchu boy daddy

[Doap Nixon]
Yo, don't try to play me like I'm somebody's kid
I'ma grown man who learned wisdom something to live
It's nuttin' to talk, Knowledge-Knowledge New York
Manifested from the light that only comes from the dark
I experienced the trials of a white addiction
Lost my mind and my freedom to a foul conviction
But found my style missin', now I'm shittin' on cats
Only build on my past, fuck bringin' it back
It's the measurin' stick so I can vision the growth 
Embrace any direction that the pendulum go
Can you say that? Or is you stuck in the way back?
Where everybody is frontin' wit that money and Maybachs
Not the hustle but I knock the hustla
When the cops rush ya, learn to bent wit the block rushaz
And everybody that's gettin' the doe
Aim for a bright future so ya kids can grow

(Outro) Doap
Ayo that bullshit you feedin' ey'body
That garbage, ya kids eatin' that too