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Artist: Doap Nixon
Album:  Sour Diesel
Song:   Behind the Music
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) Doap
Ay' Crew...that's my word
Yo I almost ain't make it here
(We here that) It's been a long time comin'
The niggas that bet against me
Tell 'em what they tickets are
That's word

[Doap Nixon]
Uh, get it, get it, then you make move
But the option of makin' it work is what you choose
Betta flip it, flip it, then you betta take it in
Stretch it, stretch it, turn it into cake
Betta step ya hustle game up wit a clear head
And getcha eyes checked cuz these niggas do steal bread
The love of money will make the Pope back funny
Cuz when you hungry feel that pain in ya tummy
So I did it for self, moved at my own pace
Record Labels shut the door on my face
I'm tryna to focus-focus, betta get a bigga whip
Whole family is on stage when a nigga spit
Front row dudes peep by the nigga jewels'
Mami right there is a stallion I'm tryna to get her thru
You think it's all about gettin' this cash flow
I'm tryna to find a way to get around on these assholes
They wanna play you, burn you soufflé you
Hesitate to pay you, push back your debut
I'm tryna to make it thru the week broke
Spittin' for A&R's in clouded whips of weed smoke
Loco-loco, son gon' crazy
Shawty wanna a nigga wit cash go get 'em baby
Tryna to juggle shawty and a hustle
Rap career plus addiction to a substance
It's gettin' ill, I ain't seein' no progress
Light shut off, I gotta crash at the God's rest
Wakin' up on the couch, no book on my lap
Need a good jux just to get back, but small problem
When you in the hood wit drama
Niggas put a price on your wig like Osama
I had to get on a route that was all about spittin' heavy
Gettin' feddy, plus movin' out

Hold up, yo, I know you ain't just say...
"When you in the hood wit drama
Niggas put a price on your wig like Osama"
C'mon Doap, you serious kid?
Ay' Crew brin' it back to these niggas

[Doap Nixon]
Paz hit me, Planet been wit me
AOTP kept it real and stayed wit me
Shows in Poughkeepsie, niggas doin' it
Use to be scared to fell but now I'm thru wit it
Still gon' shit on a nigga no matter who he wit
Still got that thing in the box wit the ruger clips
Now these shawty's askin' me to make it rain on 'em
I'm laughin' at these jawns pourin' champagne on 'em
And that's the life that I live and I ain't talkin' rap
I'm hearin' dudes runnin' they mouth, we bout to call 'em back
Broke their interviews, whatcha readin' magazines
It's my time fuckaz, I'm bout to wipe suckaz clean
What's the rumors all these people countin' Kenny's cash
If I go broke? Wifey can call Planet and Vinnie Paz
Plus my brother Reef, Mad gon' be a star
Tell the God meet me at the bar, bring a hundred large
Don't believe the hype, God bout to blow it there
My left hook give you a real reason to hold ya head
Kamachi on the low, heard God blue wit dred
Crypt and Syze doin' them, matchin' whips - blue and red
I feel the time is perfect, Pharaohs gave me a purpose
Last deal was a circus, now I know how to work it
The kid you gotta love 'em, forest green gucci buckets
Groupies on tour, we bet stacks on who gon' fuck 'em
Right now my name is heavy, option for any move
Deadline for the album depends on Kenny's move
Nobody knows the future but I can call the present
My spare time I'm wit Divine quotin' all my lessons 
Y'all really think y'all know me but look 'Behind the Music'
And y'all gon' see the bullshit that's behind this music

What niggas!!! I'm here
Y'all niggas that ain't eatin' wit me step up from the table
Y'all done eatin'
AOTP what! Stu Bangas, I gotchu daddy
Crew Cut that's my dawg right there
Sour Diesel