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Artist: Doap Nixon f/ Celph Titled, Planetary
Album:  Gray Poupon
Song:   Grand Opening
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: scratched 2X]
"Things are done different in my zip code"
"If you think I'm joking you're sadly mistaken"
"You wanna rumble? Well you can get crumbled"
"Today will be the grand opening of your chest"

Severe rap, fear that, Philly bring the beards back
Trigger like a fish make a nigga change the beer tap
Grand opening, ready for that biznap
Streets full of blood, you ain't lettin your kids out
I make a rapper wig out from the lyrics
They can't see me I'm a spirit; born to be fearless
I'm a promoter of colder days, shoot like a soldier blade
Throw a fit quick, probably break your fuckin shoulder blades
It's only right I spit this verse on a cold night
Came to bring the flame and burn your rep for your whole life
(It's over~!) I'm so nice competition is dead weight
A head case can't get my fuckin head straight
My shit spit critical like a fed case
Crazy, got you niggaz huffin that led base
Massive meltdown, bring the red tape
Pharaoh Clique, rap keepin my breath great


[Celph Titled]
When the beef heat up, it'll pop the meat thermometer
Head on collision put your teeth full speed in the speedometer
The rapper rappers hate the most, my career blastin off
Cause I went underground platinum with "The Gatalog"
Four discs of torturer shit; and when I'm with
my Pharaoh counterparts you get hit with the poisonous whip
My brother Doap Nixon the flow's sickenin
We put a bow on an opponent's forehead cause the dork said he's so gifted
(Oh no he didn't!) Well yes I did
I'm wild like an orangutan mixed with a gangbangin Mexican
Shining like the aurora borealis is
Swung so many nunchucks with my thumb tucked my palm developed callouses
Armed with 40 calibres I will give you paralysis
We just set a date the bullet holes'll mark your calendars
Uhh, I'm just honest, so you can save your comments
Eat you for a cheap dinner like I just ate ramen


[Doap Nixon]
Let's go
Don't bang with me, fuckface get your shirt wet
Drunk monks, sing lullabies with cursed vets
They tell me to stay strong when I feel weak
That's why I'm this monster when I kill beats
From Flyers to Bruins, I'm with Elijah with ruins
My head wrapped but got ties with the Jewish
Yeah, so pay homage cause I'm so on my own thing
It's like TNT when me and a microphone mix
Nuttin but bangers, added with anger
That means you can find me on your corner with bangers
I'm tired of these niggaz yellin that they got shit
It ain't worth nuttin when you step in a moshpit
My body shots'll loosen up your bowels
And my right hook'll spin your wig around like an owl
So I really don't care when you tell me I'm foul
Cause the kid got class with incredible style, nigga

[Chorus] - repeat to fade