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Artist: Doap Nixon
Album:  Gray Poupon
Song:   Darkness
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Sometimes, I sit up in my room
I just be thinkin man like, there gotta be a better way
Y'know, when you in the darkness, lookin for light
But you don't even know you in darkness, that's crazy

Been spending so much time underground
I guess my eyes adjusted
To the lack of light, I got covered in darkness
Covered in darkness
Hibernating always waiting for something new
Happiness always ende
In the blink of an eye
There was no one attending, no one attending

[Doap Nixon]
First things first, I Nixon I gets money
And can't na'ar one of y'all take this shit from me
They done tried but the ties became severed
Life got cold and darkness became pleasure
It's sort of like a prison, but can someone
tell me the reason for living, what's the mission?
Is it to grab more cash than the next man?
Pimps try and grab more ass than the next man
The hood's like "Thriller," could take a young kid
off the football field and turn him into a killer (damn~!)
It's modern day genocide when we die
They tellin lies, the mystery, God lives in the sky
He's in our heart, body, and spirit is energy
that co-exists with chemistry, infinitely
If mind detect mind why we still talk babble?
Plus degrees manifest, I Self Lord And Master


[Doap Nixon]
My city streets is so vicious, better change in a hurry
Ain't enough medication for all the brains that worry
They makin more and more pills, like it's fixin the problem
when the side effects is worse than the original problem
I'm so tired, my body is weak, I can't sleep
And my feelings got me so confused I can't speak
The government, promise help, cuttin our healthcare
The media's the terrorist producin more self-fear
If Bin Laden did what he did, why he still breathin?
Contradictin storylike the Jews who killed Jesus
Soldiers leave for war, come back paraplegics
Niggaz fightin for a war, and don't care for the reason
That ain't me, Lord, Cassius Clay, send me to prison
I should've listened when the older Gods hit me with wisdom
Now my intuition's tellin me to address the problems
With the hope to find solutions build domestic values, c'mon


[Doap Nixon]
C'mon y'all, it's gotta get better
We just gotta stick around to see it
I ain't the preacher man in '09 sellin you dreams
Or the gypsies on the television promisin cream
I'm just buildin with my insight, a vision of light
Paintin pictures of intuition with precision and might
Put a dollar in a bum's cup, later he eatin
and the one who threw the dollar need a cup cause he leakin
While we work all week and get bent on the weekend
only to wake up Monday morning in the 25th Precinct?
I'm tryin to show this rap game that cats lame
And most never get a shot at life cause they dealin with wack aim
So they leave school and go hard in the crack game
'til they on the bus the greatest four with they backs chained