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Artist: Doap Nixon f/ Journalist
Album:  Gray Poupon
Song:   About Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Let's take 'em to church
Gray Poupon
Lot of shark niggaz, need to come clean
You low Nixons, young Nixons (triflin ass niggaz)
All y'all, this for you
It's about the kid from now on
Aiyyo T.P. what?

[Doap Nixon]
Yeah, mami ride on my coattail
Reporter got questions, see them dudes at the hotel
The money's crisp, gotta match the car seat
Camera catch everything, wigs and stars seen
They know who got shot, who got locked
Who just got signed and, who got dropped
Never put my business in the streets, money I'm on point
That's when a nigga name mournin for more joints
I saw the psychic reader (uh-huh) she told me
that my moment was here, right before I came in to greet her
I want these young bucks see how it feel
How the paper gets heavy when I'm ready to build
No coincidence, everything is pre-destined
Pray harder, bleed lesser when I squeeze lessons
Newborns gotta manifest with each lesson
Do the knowledge, or you can live your life, keep stressin

Uhh, it's the life I live
And everything adds up to my life I give
Just, to get my hands on a piece of the pie
If y'all goin all out then I'm ready to ride
Cause, the paper chase got me losin my mind
Only my wife gon' ride when I'm doin my time
Uhh, ain't no time for the people who doubt me
Cause everything all from here is about me

Uhh, I'm back, Army of the Pharaoh co-sign
Blow a pack of bags when it's an hour to show time
Only bag nickels, no dimes
Still turn 15 cents into dollars in no time
Grind all season, here's one reason
Life's a bitch but I can leave her weave uneven
Whether on or off track, one of the boss cats
Mind of giant, stand for standin under the ballcap
Never did a day in the pen; wasn't married to the game
but I definitely was datin it then
Just hid a little weight in the den; it's a cold world
so I wait in wings cause I'm waitin to win
Try and, flash the heat, niggaz catch heat flashes
like men-o-pause on your men-e-straul cycle
Niggaz pressin my buttons like {?} artists stop or
the men'll pause from the miniature rifle, uhh


[Doap Nixon]
About me~! Magnficent thought cause the kid's gifted
Melodic with the force you can get lifted
I signed my deal when I was deep in the streets
Hangin with niggaz that hung, from the teeth of the beast
I'm in the club V.I.P., cause I'm fuckin with Reef
Lime green hashish with the chewable seeds
The mansion need a owner I maneuver them fees
These labels show love just to screw us with ease, damn
That's the side of the business where the snakes dwell
Snake pit, everybody out for theyselves
I mess with dudes that's some men of they word
Go harder thoroughbreds use the spin off a herb
If it ain't about the kid still tend to be heard
Tour around the world still give you ten by the curb
Yeah, ain't no time for the haters it's about the paper
Gray Poupon, weak niggaz 'bout to get the vapors