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Artist: Down/Kilo f/ Fingazz
Album:  Definition of an Ese
Song:   You Ain't Gettin' Nothing
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You ain't gettin' nothin'
No, you ain't gettin' nothin'

[Fingazz] I got a ice chain, with my name on it
[Down]    What you want, girl, you ain't gettin' nothin'
[Fingazz] I got a big truck, with a sub in it
[Down]    I keep it G, girl, you ain't gettin' nothin'
[Fingazz] Got a phat crib with the pool in the back
[Down]    And it's all mine, girl, you ain't gettin' nothin'
[Fingazz] See me in the money, drop money by the sack
[Down]    I got it like that, yeah, I got it like that

[Verse 1: Down]
You got your mind on my money, and my money on your mind
But listen, baby girl, don't waste your time
Everything I got paid for, all mine
I know you like that
But here's the bottom line
I'm a G
And I'm makin' money
I don't wear suits, I rock a white tee
Cadillac truck with TV's and 23"s
I'm a hustler, you can't hustle me
But I ain't mad at ya
You got potential
Your body's bangin', baby
Work on your mental
Can't lie, I like the way that you shaking it
You like dough and the way that I'm making it
I see you lookin' at my chain, fool of rabbit food
I'll let you wear it later on, when you're in the nude
Yeah, I'm kind of rude
And I ain't no symp
Matter of fact, some like a Mexican pimp

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
[Down]       Yeah, I'm feelin' good
             I been cashin' checks
             Too legit to quit
             I never pay for sex
             You should know me
             Call me Boss Hog
             She said she heard me on the radio with Snoop Dogg
[Snoop Dogg] What up, Down, Down
[Down]       Just tryin' to let this
             Little mama know how a G put it down
[Snoop Dogg] Fa shizzle, dizzle
[Down]       Got a foot in the juego
             Hundred dollar bills, stackin' up like Legos
             I only run with the best
             You're killin' all the rest, fat booty and breast
             I'm impressed
             Might take it to my nest
             But the bed do the test, but I still won't invest
             So girl, get your groove on
             I know your song's on, get your best thong on
             You're better off tryin' to have fun in the club
             Cause you know damn well you can't huss with a thug

Repeat Chorus

You ain't gettin', you ain't gettin'
You ain't gettin' nothin'

[Verse 3: Down]
She was from H-Town like the Rockets
She crossed over, put her hands in my pockets
I told her, "Stop it"
Just jock it
Maybe later on, I put your thang in your socket
Yeah, I got a lot of things that a girl like
But you got a lot of things that a boss like
I got a big stack, you got a big bag
Meet me out back, in the back of my Cadillac

Repeat Chorus

You ain't gettin' nothin'
No, you ain't gettin' nothin'
You ain't gettin' nothin'
No, you ain't gettin' nothin'