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Artist: Down/Kilo f/ Nikki Diaz
Album:  Definition of an Ese
Song:   G's Need Love Too
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Chorus: Nikki Diaz
No matter what they say, no matter what they do
You know I got your back, and you got mine too
I know it's hard to say, you're hanging with your crew
As long as you remember, G's need love too
I know you feel
The same ways I do
Me and you
We got nothing left to lose
No matter where you go, I'll always stay down
For you, for you, cause G's need love too

(Verse 1)
It's so hard for me to tell you how I feel
You know a G like me, I always keep it real
But when it comes to me and you, girl, you know the deal
Thoughts of you, keep me warm, and we go still
Roll around town, watching lovers hold hands
I'm on a mission, tryin' to hold grands
So I can
Get us up out the hood
I'm up to no good
Can't have you by side
But I wish I could
Got the homies all around, and we true soldiers
There's a war in the streets, and it's gettin' colder
Everybody needs love, girl, it's so true
So girl, you understand, G's need love too

Repeat Chorus

(Nikki Diaz in background)
[Nikki Diaz] Uh yeah
             Uh yeah
[Down]       Yeah
[Nikki Diaz] Uh, uh
[Down]       Listen up, girl (Uh yeah)

(Verse 2)
You know this G life
Is so crazy
Fools acting shady
I need a real lady
Through all the ups and downs, and all the drama
Through the incarcerations, and all the trauma
You kept your love strong, hot like a sauna
You got the qualifications to be my baby mama
And when we make love
We do it all night
Do all the things you like
Covered with love bites
It feels so right
But nothin's perfect, right?
I'm hard-headed, girl
We're bound to fight (Yeah)
Break up to make up
It's so damn sweet
But you know damn well
That you always got me

Repeat Chorus

[Down]       You know I think about you when I'm running in these streets, girl
[Nikki Diaz] Uh, uh, uh yeah
[Down]       And I know you think about me when you out with your homegirls, girl
[Nikki Diaz] Uh, uh, uh yeah
[Down]       And I can't find the words, but you know that I need you
[Nikki Diaz] Uh, uh, uh yeah
[Down]       You make me smile everytime that I see you
             One thing I know is true
[Nikki Diaz] G's need love too

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Nikki Diaz]
Uh yeah
Uh yeah
Uh, uh
Uh yeah
Uh yeah
Uh yeah
Uh, uh
Uh yeah