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Artist: Down/Kilo f/ Fingazz, Nikki Diaz
Album:  Definition of an Ese
Song:   Don't Be Jealous
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[Down]       Jealousy is envy
             And I know it eats you up inside
             Stop hatin'
[Nikki Diaz] Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Fingazz]    Don't hate the player, hate the gate
[Nikki Diaz] Don't be jealous of me
[Fingazz]    Don't knock my hustle or my fame
[Nikki Diaz] Don't be jealous

(Verse 1)
[Down]    For all the same, everywhere that you go
          'Bout eighty-five percent, go be hatin' on your throat
          Hatin' on your hustle
          Hatin' on your flow
          Hatin' cause you move fast, and they move slow
          But I ain't trippin', though
          I stay hittin' dro
          And you never catch me slackin', I'm a pimpin'
          I'm a don
          You just a peon
          My game sold like a fresh can of Free-On
          I got big cake
          And they just want a slice
          Give 'em just a little
          And now they want your ice
          You're crazy
          And too damn lazy
[Fingazz] I'm a, I'm a hustler
[Down]    The Chicano Jay-Z
          Yeah, they know me in the streets
          They know me in the hoods
          They know me on the blocks
          Everybody know me
          And I know you can't sleep
          Cause you know I'm livin' good
          And you can't make it stop, so jealous

[Fingazz]    I see you watchin' everything I do
[Nikki Diaz] Yeah, yeah, yeah
[Fingazz]    And I know you talkin' bad about me too
[Nikki Diaz] All I gotta say is

Repeat Chorus

Hook: Nikki Diaz
I see you jockin' my whips
And the ice around my wrist
I know you runnin' your lips
I can hear you talkin' shhh...
I hustle for the things I get
You broke, I know my wealth
Next time, you hatin' on me
Take a good look at yourself

[Verse 2: Down (Nikki Diaz)]
So what's the real problem?
What's the issue?
Crying about your own career
Here's a tissue
Actin' like a little kid
Cut the gappin'
Before I get my grown man, on to start clappin'
And you don't want that
End up in a wreck
Like a solo game of chess, put yourself in check
I'm a king
And you a pawn
You do your jealous thing, and I'll get my hustle on
Cause I ain't got no time for the games
And not a damn dime for the dames
Separate the real G's from the lames
It's A Low Down Dirty Shame (Jealous)
But I gotta do what I do
And you gon' do what you do
I got a million to gain, and you got nothin' to lose
And you can love it or hate it
You can sit and debate it
If you really hate the game or the way that you play it
You jealous

Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus

Repeat Hook

Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus