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Artist: Dougie D f/ G-Wiz, Ronez
Album:  Grown Man Shit
Song:   Get to Walk-n
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Ol' ugly ass hoe, booty breath stinking up under the arm ass hoe
Your pussy stank hoe, ugly ass bitch
My gal look better than you anyway hoe, (bitch get to walking)
Beat your feet bitch, 'fore I beat my meat I do it very well
(bitch get to walking), I ain't chasing no chicken fuck you hoe

[Dougie D]
Ok now bitch I be, D to the O to the U to the G
I to the E to the D that's me, bitch don't act like you got a attitude whenever you was riding with me
Hoe look here I'm a P-I-M-P, beat your face bitch or smoke this weed
Or you could pop the do's off and jump your ass out, before you do give me my weed
Got no time for that nagging or the back lashing, or the lock talking me
Bitch I'm a man and that's the way that it's gon be, so hoe you respect this G
Pardon me hoe let a nigga know, that you ready to go
Cause hit the red light and go on and slide right, and make sure that you shut and latch that do' tight
And yes I am getting money by the ton yes I am, some'ing like a mack oh yes I am
Put a bitch up in her place then she get up out of line, and yes sir I can
She don't wanna act hot, leave a motherfucker let her right at the bus stop
Then I ride out with the motherfucking trunk up, hold on say shit till watch a nigga slide up

(bitch get to walking oooh), I ain't got time for all that bumping in my ear
(bitch get to walking), you better get up and get-get gone get on-get on away from here
(bitch get to walking oooh), excuse my French bitch I ain't trying to be sincere
(bitch get to walking), you better get up and get-get gone get on-get on away from here

Bitch get to walking, with all that bumping in my ear
You done said the same old shit hoe, since last year
Bout I ain't good for nothing, you just like hustling
But shit it pay the bills, so what's the damn deal
I'm out here rolling getting it, moving them zones
I shouldn't have to hear that shit, when I come back home
All I need you to do hoe, is to play your part
Be down with a nigga, but I see that shit ain't gon work
So it's time, for me to let your ass lose
All you was good for hoe, was fucking and sucking and that's the truth
So get all of your shit, and get gone
Step out my front do' hoe, and get gone


I knew this trick named Ronesha, she can ride a peter
She did it last night, on the feeter in my two seater
I put it in fourth gear, and it got hot as a heater
She said Ronez are you the nigga, that I'm glad to meet-a
I'm banging and stroking, she popping swinging in a Beamer
I was hitting her pussy, her head hitting my tweeter
You didn't know, I hit hoes like Derek Jeter
If you want my money hoe, you better walk like a hyena bitch


Bitch get to walking - 4x