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Artist: Dorrough
Album:  Get Big
Song:   Get Big
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[Nitti - Intro] (Dorrough)
Haha! {This is Nitti beat!}
Dorrough, I got somethin on my mind, homie
{*"Get big" is repeated for four bars} 
Hey! Hey! Dorrough, what's happenin? (Wassup?!)
Y'all thought I wasn't comin to see y'all? (Huh?)
{NOW, it's Dorrough Music!}
 (You ain't (you ain't) got a (got a) 'nuff ('nuff) money (money))
 (You ain't (you ain't) got a (got a) 'nuff ('nuff) money (money) Ha!)
Dorrough, let's go and do this thing man (Yeah) 
You ready?

[Chorus: Dorrough]
Wh-wh-what you got a dollar in yo' pocket? A twenty in yo' wallet?
See me I'm stackin money, man I'll think I let you watch it
Get - BIG, get - BIG
Get - BIG, get - BIG
You ain't (you ain't) got a (got a) 'nuff ('nuff) money (money)
You ain't (you ain't) got a (got a) 'nuff ('nuff) money (money)
Get - BIG, get - BIG
Get - BIG, get - BIG

[Nitti - overlaps chorus]
Dorrough, let's go and take it there

Say, hu-hu-hundreds (hundreds) fifties (fifties) 
Bitch, I don't exaggerate
This a game for ballers only, ballers can participate
All these niggaz frontin, throwin money like they paper long
Ear big diamonds, throwin money now they paper gone
Idiot! Wh-wh-what are you? Coach, we need a W
And this nigga game suck, I think it's time to substitute
Them ain't really diamonds in your ear, somebody hustled you
Takin all your revenue, boy you don't know what to do!
Ha! Say you betta double hustle yo' fees
Ol' broke ass ras' ain't got enuff cheese
And you out here lookin phony, tryna stunt like me
Nigga please~! Ol' broke ass nigga


[Nitti - overlaps Chorus]
Let's go, verse two Dorrough

See money I can talk about 
Bitch, I'm 'bout to run the South
Walk around yo' city in my Dallas Texas fitted cap
I be gettin money from you bitches, whatchu talkin' 'bout?
Spendin all yo' money on these bitches, what is that about?
Nuthin! Beat ya whoopin ass, I be makin stupid cash
Get special attention like them niggaz in a stupid class
Watch me, youngsters, motherfuckin monster
Pla-playin with this paper like I'm playin in a dumpster
Yo' baby mama payin all yo' bills, youse a busta
Even though she workin 9 to 5, she still a hustla
Yeah, that means she's runnin' thangs, while you out here lookin lame
Damn~! What a shame, ol' broke ass nigga!


Lil' mama know I'm in her city and I'm out here lookin pretty
Gettin' money 'til it's silly, I'm just out here on my Diddy
What she say? Uh-huh, she like, (Yeah, he did dat!)
(Ooh girl, yeah I like the way he did dat)
Girl you know I'm greedy, touchy touchy feely feely
First I stimulate the kitty when I hit her with this willie
What she say? Yeah buddy, yea she like (Yeah, he did dat!)
(Ooh girl, yeah I like the way he did dat)
Get big! (Get big!) Get big! (Get big!)
Get big! (Get big!) Get big! (Get big!)
Get big!...Get big!
{NOW, it's Dorrough Music!}

[Nitti - Outro]
Aw man..
Dorrough, y'know we had to do this shit, homie!
Playmaker (Playmaker)
It's 2010, motherfuckers (Yeaaaaah)
And I got somethin on my mind (Wassup?!)
Yeah, yeah, getcha money up fuck niggaz
(Getcha money up, boy)
Texas, whas' happenin? (I got it, hahaha!)
ATL, Dorrough got a new one..