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Artist: Dope Game (Jacka, Husalah, Keak Da Sneak, BA, Verstyle)
Album:  Dope Game
Song:   Bring it Ta Ya
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The Jack is here
And it's hard to relax and do time
I'm a make it
We receivin' them plaques
See these snitches on paper
Work releasin' the facts
Lil' niggaz in the peace
It's a struggle for blacks
20 bricks on my hands
I can't juggle wit that
I fuck around keep the shit
And get smother for that
Yeah block shit
Somethin' like Pac shit
You got the nine but I doubt you ever rock shit

Man I'm so dope
Man I've been crowned the champ
That's why I lamp
Me and yo wife have sex till she catch a cramp
Then I slide out the waist
Hit the jaw raw
She caught fish paws on my balls
Clamp dummy yo
Wrappin' crack money
So I act funny on a ho
He too good, he too hood
His sock's dirty
No bitch then it's off white Gucci pimps
Wit the old man's roll
For my British Knight's and Gucci loafs
Get it right, this Hus Christ [Jesus]
I'm back baby
Slap crazy, black ladies
Wit no……..?

[Keak Da Sneak]
Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba Sneak Balboa in ya
Feddy game I'm not a Taliban soldier
The champ is here
Yeah baby it's me
Niggaz get millions I'm a knock that ass out for free
Smash ya then smear you wit the shield wipers
I don't know you but you lovin' me, still don't like you
Back on the road like hitch hikers
Hyphy that mean hyper
Drinkin', smokin'…?

Yo I roll wit champs
Roller's who toke the mac's
The game is colder
Can't squirt the rats
Way in Oakland where the turf is cracked
Mostly black
You can't come in singles
Ma it's mostly racks
Then I pose in packs
When the rock wit the pipes swanger, dyke banger
Serve a cock, make her change up
Whack rappers step ya game up
Flowless wanksta
Kazi spray chumps wit out the kater

…….and the mac tucked under the denim
If you a pimp why ya cake wit ya hoes nigga sell 'em
I got a different gat for every day of the week
Malibu brains blowed, tec under my seat
Two 40 cal's in the stash box tucked in my jeep
Getting' brains in the studio fuckin' wit Keak
I'm 21, name a youngsta who be fuckin' wit me
Box Chev wit the gauge on the side of my beat

Nigga I don't rap for whack
Crack for crack
Tell a bitch that's the zip of the ass crack
Bitch that's the pack
Pass the map, we on a road trip
My post it
Soon as we stop
I'm a smash the front
Pass the back
Ask Jack he had the Lac
We was back to back
He touched down wit 12 rounds
Nigga I had the mac
To get liggidy loose wit
My crew's sick	
Two zips is crumbs
I rock in wit true bricks
Spilled two clips
And killed two tricks
Then we bone out
Whole town lockdown
Whole vagina all blown out

-=Husalah talking=-
You know what I'm sayin'
Whole vagina's blown out
That's how we leaves y'all