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Artist: Doomsday Productions
Album:  Pray 4 Me
Song:   40's Callin
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Yeah, I heard you callin me, tonight, it's gon' be me and you
You know, I just can't wait, 
to wrap my lips around you, yeah, you know how we do it

It ain't nothin but an everyday thang for Eklipse
A lil' forty-ounce love
A sweet chick, tryna' tighten up my grip to fit
But cottonmouth got me trippin and I'm 'bout to have a fit and split
But I can hear it in the distance (callin)
And I just can't resist this
Pitcher me a case of the funky malt liquor
I figure, beer belly and drinkin and my belly's steady gettin bigger
But my realas, love when we get a case
So they can trip when they get a little bitty taste
Of the crisp and cold and golden
Fo' sho' I gotta get my 4-0, I follow my nose and
Rollin to the liquor store to decide
What kinda forty I'ma get to keep my satisfied
Grab one, it's time to kick it in my city
Ain't no stallin, 'cause you know the 40's callin

The 40's callin for me, I can hear it callin
The 40's callin for me, I can hear it callin me
The 40's callin for me
The 40's callin for me

Chokin for smokin can give you cottonmouth
Chill before you blaze up another, take some time out
Go get you a 40, captizin
Let me give a toast for every real loc, 
that I know and don't know, drinkin a 4-0
I'm a capital M, A-L-T liquor drinker
With a pack a Jolly Ranchers case my breath start stinkin
Yeah I kicks it like this, I kicks it like that y'all
But ain't no real kickin it unless the 40's involved
Whatever's clever, sky's the limit, yeah I'm feelin my fluid
My homie yellin in the bathroom, drinkin the toilet
Music bumpin, hoochies laughin, yeah we kick it since Sicx style
And I'm feelin proud about the park in a lil' while
But first let the Pit head to the fridge
Oh no, ain't no mo', gotta head to the sto'
Twelve 40's ain't enough, the way this parties pacin
So me and Platinum be back with 'bout 12 cases


(Playboy 7)
Fifthteenth of the month
It's just another case when we drink a case, one after one
But sometimes when I'm busy I can't hear it
Sometimes when I'm workin I can't hear it
But when I do it true it sounds like this 
'Playboy, twist me off and give me a kiss'
And I oblige, even though I don't drink it for the taste
I reminisce when I done drink 40's and ??? from ???
And occasionally y'all, we all done went overboard
Heard twirlin and 'erlin and prayin to the Lord
It ain't that 40 that did it, it's your lack of restraint
So if you can't hold yo' liquor fool, then you shouldn't drank
Some people get full and trip (I don't)
Some people get full and make babies (I see)
Some people get full and slip (I won't)
Some G's get full and mack ladies (and that's me)