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Artist: Doomsday Productions f/ Click 1
Album:  Filthy
Song:   Day of the Dead
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[Eklypss: Doomsday]
oh yea they want us to take each other out
the next step when they take over the dead
we go back to being slaves

[Bad Boy]
so what do you propose

[Eklypss: Doomsday]
i say we get those motherfuckers together

[Ese Brown]
so we got a deal or you want to force this

[Bad Boy]
yea celebrate a dead mexican holiday
dia de los muertos

[Ese Brown]
it means what now

[Bad Boy]
day of the dead

[Ese Brown]
pass me the industry impala we drive by some chevy impalas
riders we fighters with nine lives an live nines
hit 'em in the body with a gun shot wound shot fo sho shot
took my brother gang bang no doubt
took a lot of luck for the whole lot in the middle of the wrong lot
took a lot of shit slip sick motherfuckers eating dick better recognize bitches
this is out for the click fucked up with the homeboy Eklypss
and I will soon stay in califas fumamos marijuana
lana look it my pocket fuck it my rock
and its dia de los muertos

[Eklypss: Doomsday]
death motherfucking truth lets do this shit like we suppose to
we killing up your whole family and anybody your close to
doom faded gang up from with some brothers out on the brown side
slip shit with a doom click and you can calls the down side
wanna ride I got my tech nine from my side every motherfucking click I wanna kill
nobody wanna die that's why I got me this so far from your head as we celebrate

[Ese Brown]
Dia de los Muertos

[Eklypss: Doomsday]
Day of the Dead

Ain't nobody sicker death today in my clicka
hit 'em with a vengeance all you cowards die
even when were fresh we keep hit em up your odds
we bout to ride somebody's gonna die day of the dead and we tacking hell alive
creepin to your sin all your bitches runnin high cause we redim all tonight

[Bad Boy]
It's all the cold casket getting passive united they laugh at it
but dispute about this shit cause
nobody is having it I end up graving it lettin you havin it
havin you sit on a room havin a six feet metal watch no more than six feet
to the doom bald heads and afros coming sass Cadillac damn machines and gas
track this and putting one the mask sack this or go get you a sack
we rumble never touch by sun I rather go than getting some
today is the dead day swamp think today ill be the gang I fuck

[P.I.T: Doomsday]
more tequila smokin on the mota
Dumbass I said you delinqual the kids always I gotta put my hands on ya
who's gonna fuck with this means I'm brave
from the west side united states no doubt in las vegas
they find your ass with weasky peats your body is decade
so why beat the grim reaper cause is time to get paid
bitch I rise with my doom click all day and everyday
dooms soon as booted chance celebrating the damn day


[Romero "The New Mexico Lobo"]
they call me new mexico lobo muy lesero el mero I hustle muy poco la feria
with a nine nine shots to my casket droppin and representin las vegas
sin city blabbin long we drop atomic bombs
and we set it all off with a doom when click is to dumb to get this song
now that you know this song you know we come to close
til the ship blow up or we have it sold up watch how the money flows
droppin them cady's hits hit 'em up hit 'em up with a lavish twist
on the day I die with a mic on my hand and a fat ass lip

[Eklypss: Doomsday]
ahh gets a evil lestic meant to rush
when I commit a shitted somethin bout them bloody guts
so sick and wicked bitches
intensify my thoughts of homicide can't live this life
gotta stick one in your dick skinnin you alive
but ain't no time to find a weakness in me
set you on fire murda and don't bring no mercy with me
so you could die and burn up
and me and my alibis gonna watch you die gettin high
should of told your mamma get your casket ready left to lie