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Artist: Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment f/ J. Cole, NoName Gypsy
Album:  Surf
Song:   Warm Enough
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: NoName Gypsy - singing]
Who are you to tell me, I'm not warm enough for summertime?
I know that I can decide myself
But you don't know me like the sun
You've never seen my horizon

[NoName Gypsy]
If I was everything I never was, drugs got me bubbly, suddenly mumblin' simile meant to be for you now
The futile go fishin' for moon over rooftop, a new style for prayin' to everything I ever loved
My black boy outer space lookin' like a rain child, but my body move like the sun
Go run, tell 'em rainbow, we painted it 50 Shades of Grey/gray, stones across the lake
The house in the house, deceptive carnations, our wedding, we announced on Sunday for the holy of it
Solely covet, me and you, for you and I, are blissfully tethered to simple redeemin'
When sadness gets worse and we don't know why
Our city is bleedin' for crimson, I don't protest, I just dance in my shadows
Hallow be thy empty, when my name don't sing
Shallow waters under bridges, don't forget 'bout me
Who are you to love me and not call me by my name?
I'm sunny, I'm sunny, just like you.. NoName

[Chance The Rapper]
Like the sun, like the sun

Who are you to tell me I can't love you like the way mothers love daughters?
The way Mary was closest to Joseph and babies is close to The Father
You don't know me and love got a secret handshake and mad inside jokes
I could tell it's knock knock when my heart beatbox, use our inside voice
Who are you to tell me I don't want you the way flesh wants freedom?
The way greed love need? The way kings need kingdoms?
You don't know what I know, what I'm capable of
What I slaved for and traded in favors and gave up for you what I gave up for love


[J. Cole]
You like the flower that I won't let die
Right before your petals start to wilt, I choose to give you one last try
Fill your vase up with water
Refusin' to neglect you like your father so I promise that it won't run dry
Good intentions cause I wanna see us both fly
But I often put me first and I been wonderin' why
I know you probably think you're blessed to have a wonderful guy
And that's the truth but at the same time a wonderful lie
Cause to me you're a dime and I'm still a nickel
And you know niggas say that every coin got two sides
Well if you knew both minds, not sure you'd like what you find
I made mistakes, I want to tell you but can't make up my mind
As I'm writin' this, I see a red balloon in the sky
And to me, that's a sign tellin' me that these lines
were meant to be written, repentin' in the form of a rhyme
I know the Lord's a forgiver, hope he'll forgive me in time - I'm