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Artist: The Don Bishop Agallah
Album:  Propane Piff
Song:   Hood is Back Part Two
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Don Bishop Agallah]
Every day real Bloods back down, leave it alone
Listen Battlefornia's not your home, it's New York nigga
Even in the Chi boy I be in the zone
Amongst the G's I roam alone why? I'm still New York nigga
And done I thought homies on the Island was whylin
Hand you a buck fifty up on your face while smilin
Motherfuckers was violent, if you didn't remain silent
Never snitch on a ganglord, boss or a tyrant
Coulda survived if I had to, do it again
Go to jail for the same ratchets and use 'em again
Come home from prison time and do this music again
Death is the outcome deceivin amongst men
Yeah I out son, attitude is FUCK THEM
Wet the whole industry, y'all shit out of luck then
In the booth, just gimme that big bottle of Henn'
And I'ma get this East coast shit poppin again, ya heard me?

[Outro: repeat 2X]
Yeah, the hood is back man
For good we back man, with hoods and crack cans
Yeah, you should relax chump
We could attack punks with hoods and macs up