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Artist: The Don Bishop Agallah
Album:  Propane Piff
Song:   Be Without You Remix
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Don Bishop Agallah]
Happy Valentine's Day to all the ladies out there
I know some of y'all ladies is lonely, hurt, y'know
Disgusted with, with a nigga bullshit, y''know but uh
Y''know it's hard to forgive a man, and build forgiveness
You know you'll never forget, y'know?
Check it

The chemistry was crazy from the get-go even though she was a trip though
Made me realize runnin these streets ain't shit though
Real love, formed simple and rough, turn it gentle
Put the physical aside and I'll get inside your mental
Overreact, from all of this passion and pain
And we can try this again, but it'll never be the same
If we start it all over, it'll never be a change
Find another player to go and try to entertain your games
Ghetto girls need real love, lookin for a real thug
No time to go back and see what the real was
They say you find love on a two-way street
Well I had a bad accident at the wheel fallin asleep
The woman asked me, what kind of girls do I keep
What type of, man that I am, what kind of goals did I seek?
A good girl's hard to find with an intelligent mind
So let me know boo if you ready to shine

Is it yessss? (You already know the answer)
Okay so let me know if you gon' ride with me
You gon' shine with me
Bottom line is you gon' die for me?
Is it yessss? (Baby, my love)
To all the ladies out there, it's your boy Agallah
(And I'll be faithful, I'm for real) You know what it is
(And with us you'll always know the deal) Uhh, yeah
(Been too gone, for too long - and I can't be without you baby)
(And I'll be waitin up 'til you get home - cause I can't sleep without you baby)
(If anybody who's ever loved you know just what I feel)
(Too hard to fake it, nothin can replace it)
(Call the radio if you just can't be without your baby, yeahhh)