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Artist: The Don Bishop Agallah f/ Don Omar
Album:  Propane Piff
Song:   Bandeleros Remix
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Don Bishop Agallah]
Geah, it's your body the Don Bishop y'knahmean? Y'knahmean?
Remix! Yeah

[Don Omar]
Yo (aiyyyy)
Tego Calderón! Don Omar!
Los Bandoleros

[Chorus] + (Don Bishop)
Aunque digan que soy (that's what I am)
Un bandolero donde voy (better love it baby)
Le doy gracias a Dios (Tego)
Por hoy estar donde estoy (it's where I'm at)
Y vo'a seguir con mi tumbao' (and I'ma keep goin)
Y con mis ojos colorao' (keep my eyes red)
Con mis gatos activao (ya heard?)
Ustedes to' me lo han dao (yo)

[Don Bishop Agallah]
So lo se {?} dio
La mierda cabo
Hector en fuego, Tego Calderon
So icy, caldera {?}
No quiero problema, muchacho digon
Yo {?} conmiga mida {?}
Mira a la palabra de este cancion
Tu mondo {?}, I'm sippin on Patron
Yo soy un bandalero, I play with the chrome

Yo, I'm straight gangster, cocked back, ready to pull it
Niggaz know Agallah's #1 with a bullet
Yeah, puff haze, fuckin bitches like Jade still
You know the deal fam, the Don is paid, yeah
Step your game up, up your grade
Yeah fuck this rap shit, without it I'm still made
Livin like a religion definition of a Don
And this is the fact why it's tatted on my arm

[Chorus] w/o ad libs