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Artist: Dominator (Central Coast Clique) f/ Don Cisco, E.J.
Album:  Love it or Hate It
Song:   Think of You
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Baby, come inside

[Verse 1: Dominator]
I got many names, I go by
Don't know why
I'm so fly
So many people know me
Hop and ride
A long time
Your poppa might consider an
Illegal problem
But I know a lot about problems, and I know how to solve 'em
I just wanna thank you, girl
For sticking by my side
And paying for me, everytime, and every time, and every time
Sometimes, I get exclusive
But that's alright
Cause I'm always tryin' real hard to stimulate your mind
Can't nobody do you like I do, when we go through
The places that we go to
I know you
I love you
Let's go, tonight
Me and you
Sharing with your friends
Whatever you wanna do
I'm make them forget
And make you, too
Forget all your problems, that you go through
I'm known to make a woman sprung
Addicted to my love
I got you high up in the spa, havin' a lot of fun

Chorus: E.J.
When I think of you, it makes me feel so high
Think about you and me
Won't you come inside
Why can't we just chill it
On our own, yeah
You and me
When I think of you, I just can't say goodbye

[Verse 2: Don Cisco]
Ain't nothing better than
Me and you, little mama (Little mama)
Being G.I. Joe, you can be my Mary J. Drama
The name is marijuana
Or Mary Jane, for short
And I love smokin' dank
Like I smoke me
When I'm bored
Breakin' laws, just to take a hit
Real kids
Call me Santa Claus on the 25th
Everyday's like
Christmas when I shoot this gift
I don't need visine for this
Like Mr. Mik, I'm so refreshin'
Just one kiss to slow your stressin'
Twist one and let's hold a session
I'm a peeps player's focus, sex, I'm smokin'
Hocus pocus, feeling worth a million, to the richest, that I poke this
With swisha sweets cracked open
Smell the 'urple
Keep it movin' in a circular motion
Now welcome to the urban mind of a poet
With certain
Highs as the first, smoke it, instead of sippin' Moet

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Dominator]
Oh, oh, oh
Open up
Let me in
Let me come inside
We gon' get real freaky, do some kinky things tonight
When we done, doin' what we do
It's up to you
You got the munchies, I'm thirsty, you hungry, let's get some food
Then we'll do it all over again, invite some friends
Nothing but women
And this the life that I be living
Keep people happy
Keep rappers rapping
Let people focus, get creative, keep the worse from being wacky
I can entertain a party by myself, don't you know
To your girls at one time, laughing at all my jokes
So everybody knows who I am
Everybody knows I'm the man
And I've been reincarnated, always come back as a plan
You think I'm crazy
Don't even know my name
Say I played too many games
Roll it, go {*phfft*}
And I'll give you a head change
Oh, baby, you know me, I'm your lifetime homey
I'll be with you forever
Until you being oldie

Bridge: E.J.
Love it when you make me high
Feel so many good times left in you and I
I love it cause you're in my life
No matter what happens, we'll still keep it packed in my life
You so fly, can't deny
You're on my mind like everytime
Make me do what I do
Baby, I feel sprung with you

Repeat Chorus Twice

I can't say goodbye
I can't say goodbye