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Artist: Dominator (Central Coast Clique) f/ Mr. Capone-E
Album:  Hate it or Love It
Song:   One of a Kind
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[Verse 1: Dominator]
You got the makings of a lover, mama make me wanna studder
I wonder what your body looks like, under the covers
You'se a big flirt
But you ain't no hoe
I see you peeking out the window
At my carton
Call me, confess a feelin'
Don't be afraid
The love I give to you will make you do what I say
Anyways (Anyways)
I'm always free on Sundays
Eating hot menudo, cool though, stumblin' down the hallways
Baby girl, you know my-a stylo
We do it with class, y yo no soy un chavalito
Give me a minute
No, give me twenty-five
I got my homie Capone-E, outside, in the ride
We gonna roam the calles
For a little while
Bump a few oldie rollas
And make the heinas smile
Then I'll be back
To make it with you
Make it hump all night
Play the game, but I'm no fool

Chorus: Dominator
I wanna make you say, "Yeah-i-yeah"
You're beautiful baby, one of a kind
And everything will be ok
We'll be together forever, just you and I
Can you make me say, "Yeah-i-yeah"
Cause there will never be another for me
I wanna be with you always
Cause you were meant for me
I'm dreaming casually

[Verse 2: Mr. Capone-E]
Don't trip, mija
It's all said and done
Now when Capone-E comes through, I'll be the one
Don't cry (Don't cry)
And listen to this rola
I'll be right around the corner, so look over your shoulder
I told ya
You're the one for me
Kick it back with Dominator, I'll be home around three
Sincerly yours
Bumpin' The Commadores
Like the escorts
I'll take ya on my tour
Flight after flights
Without no fights
Eatin' all night
Company ain't no price
I love the way that you
Talk to me
I love the way that you're still calling me
Baby please
Trust is number one
Now when I vuela the girl
It's all about fun
So as I cruise
Don't go away
Trust this gangster and this gangster's here to stay

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Dominator]
She said she's shy (Shy...)
Cause it's her very first time
She thinks I'm fine
So tonight's the night
I'm might
Light up a candle
And turn off the light
Mi amor, mi cholita
She puts up no fight
Firme, suave
Long black hair
Down to your back, make a vato wanna stare
Under the covers
I love you mija
You got the makings of a lover

Bridge: Dominator
You got the makings of a lover (Makings of a lover)
You got a star that'll make a man to walk a mile
Just to see you
Or just to hold ya hand
Spit game to ya
I'll make you understand

Repeat Chorus

[Mr. Capone-E]
That's right, mija
This little song's for you
And no matter what I say
This gangster's here to say
Sincerly yours
Mr. Capone-E