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Artist: Dominator f/ Fingazz, Krazy Boy
Album:  Love it or Hate It
Song:   Good Times, Bad Times
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Oooh, oooh-oooh-oooh
Smoke it up baby (Smoke it, baby)
Smoke it with me

[Verse 1: Dominator]
Tobacco leaves, orale, why don't you pass me the twenty so I can busy
And roll on
Roll on
Gotta gets my stroll on
Stroll on
Do you wanna get a natural buzz, the kind that 'bout to make you feel love, love
Feeling low-key, digging down the bud, what
Dominator got so many ways to get a blaze than any other, better than The Boat Love, chump
Me feeling outrageously high, took a rip of the bong, before long
Paranoid, me mind may play tricks on a motherfucker
But don't trip too much
Backing up everything when I say, "I better cleanse my mind"
My homie Double Deezy Diesel does it all the time
And even
My other homie Krazy Boy
Blazing a pipa like a kid with the toy that'll morta

[Chorus 2X: Fingazz]
Through good times
And bad times
We keep it iry all the time (All the time, baby)
Through good times
And bad times
We keep it iry on my mind (On my mind, on my mind)

[Verse 2: Krazy Boy]
Gotta keep my mind locked tight, gotta roll on
Roll on, smoke on with my motherfuckin'
Homie Double D, and you better believe, we smoke weed, all the time on the motherfuckin' scene
Gotta have it in the morning, gotta have it in the night
Gotta have it every day, gotta have it every way
Smoking weed, how I stay, hit the motherfucker pipe
Cause the jane, how I pray, feeling alright, okay
Time to get that chronic up and get another sack
Bounce back to the pad, then we roll it up
Fat, oh yeah, I know you like that
Bomb shit, that be green, smoking up
Light grafe', gasoline to the side, how we ride
Do it true with playa ties
Do it true with playa ties
Do it true with playa ties


[Verse 3]
Let's get
High, me and you
Blazed out in the couch, watching the town roll by
Everybody been wanting a puff out of my canibus
But I'm a stingy motherfucker, been fiendin' from my grafene
(???) acceptable
Joined down to the roach, collectable
At the end of the year
I'm a have about a thousand three hundred fucking mountain of roaches

[Krazy Boy]
Hocus pocus
When I tote this
Everybody better be knowing, I leave 'em hopeless
Focus my motherfucking mind, fuck paranoid
I wanna get high
So high, fuck time, fuck lye
Blow dye, all night, stay fly
And lie
That's why
True ties all the time, stay high

We high, no lie
Match boats
I got the next light
Everybody be wondering where the bomb went
Dominator and Krazy, we had the jacket
Pack it, we
[Krazy Boy]

True, players, smoking weed, everyday, all day, all night, I blaze
Get fucked up out of my mind, gettin' fucked up wasting time, you say, but I stay