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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Chapel
Album:  Operation Warface
Song:   When We 1st Met
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, yo, what up baby girl? You knowhatimsaying?
We met at that little family get together, and shit
You was with the Johnson Family, or whatever
I had my crazy Puerto Rican family, man, I ain't never seen you
In my life, but you so beautiful, man
Yo, let me tell you this story, it's like

[Dom Pachino]
I remember when I first met her, she had cake on her face
But I didn't tell her, didn't wanna upset her
She was embarrased when I told her later, but we laughed
Talked hours on the phone, next day, gave me some ass
She was my flavor, back then, you blew up my pager
Told you don't call, disregard that, do me a favor
Holla at your first love, I'm in need of that
I can't count how many times I almost put a seed in that
I'm happy when I was with you, I'm just now seeing that
Shit I might just need you back, but we both moved on
Cracked a smile, once she tattooed my name on her arm
She's my charm... man, look at you... plus you the bomb

She was walking down the block, she was looking so propers
I was serving fiends high as helicopters
Love at first sight, I had my hands up in my boxers
Damn, like, she was looking so propers
Her face had a spark in my eye, like bottle rockets
I walked up, one for the day, that's just an option
Goosebumps covered my arm, up where my watch is
No I ain't the next one, no, I ain't obnoxious
I ain't in it for sex, I ain't thinking where my crotch is
Baby girl stop playing around
You listen to the Napalm, you loving the sound
You love the whole team, plus the way we get down, come on

[Chorus 2X: Dom Pachino]
It's the scent of a woman that smell that fragrance
Smell her when the wind blows, I get so unpatient
Lip gloss is like candy, I'm dying to taste this
Squeeze the juice out her fruit and not a drop I'mma waste