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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ JoJo Pellegrino
Album:  Operation Warface
Song:   My Life
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: JoJo Pellegrino]
Everybody wanna pop some type of slick shit about me
But they don't know no nothing about my life
If I had a nickel for everytime one of these people doubt me
I'd be rich and probably set for my life
I'd rather talk, that's what's up, ain't no choice, but put it down, see
Cuz muthafucka, this is my life
Say what? It's my life, say what? it's my life
And I ain't never gonna fall back

[JoJo Pellegrino]
Aiyo, my hunger, I'll apply it to rap, be thankful
Cuz last thing you need is me in your crib with a gat, where it's at?
Fuck a job, I got bigger plans than that
I'm try'nna put this grain shit on the map, you heard that?
Industry playing games, crabs got 'em in a choke
I'm Cancer, they tried to cut me out, threw a bat in my spokes
But it's too late, I spread, we catch it through mixtapes
And word of mouth, cuz something is hard erasing
And bopping of the head, life's real
Here for my family being watched by feds
My childhood man Joey Pizangrillo, they shot him dead
Fucked me up to see him in his coffin and stuffed
My tears on the sleeve, his mouth sown shut, couldn't even say what's up
My mother told me hard times I go through
I had no clue, now I'm twenty five, the fuck I'mma do?
Get a part-time gig til I sell records?
I'm out here sticking gas station attendents, like you got five seconds
To put the money in the bag, or feel the wrath
Don't play with me, my sister was in them buildings, ain't feeling Arabs
Call me cold hearted, I'm growing distant from my friends
Smoking l's by myself, on the subway bench
And I don't trust nobody, everyone one of you suspect
Threw my two-way off the Ferry deck, from getting death threats
Stomach upset, you can hear it growl on the beat
I'm starving, chasing my tail like what I gotta do to eat, damn


[JoJo Pellegrino]
Yeah, imagine me falling off; never; ain't got the luxury of playing games
Aiyo it's crunch time, I'm in too deep, oh how this life is strange
When one day you're on top, and the next your not
One day you're confy, and the next day you're back on your grots
That's my sob story, somebody threw me a curve ball
I smashed it out the park, and the shit went foul, that sums it up, ya'll
The psychic told my mother back in the day I'd be a rich star
Some psychic told her now, I'm bad luck and going far
Maybe it's karma, you know what goes around, comes around
I did dirt on rainy days, so it's muddy waters now
My dreams turn to nightmares, time to wake up
So stressed, I caught myself cursing in my prayers
Like how the fuck I'm down and out, when I'm seen this type
I'm banging different women for a place to sleep at night
I spend my last two dollars to hop the train, hit the city
And have meetings and record exec's is lame, ignorant the game
And caught a shame, but from Def Jam and Interscope
It's student slang, my loud say it, rasta and slam
And you know this man, they well aware the kid's on the come up
Enjoy it while it lasts, summer gave you a ganja
I've been training for years, I wanted my shot at the title
And Simon says Pellegrino's the American Idol, for real
I ain't joking, I'm toking, your big mouths can keep on talking
Good or bad, it don't matter, it's all promotion, what?

[Chorus 2X]