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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Buddha Monk, Layza Life, Lee-Major
Album:  Operation Warface
Song:   Let's Go Back
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Buddha Monk]
Let's go back, back to the way things were
Let's go rapping, let's go battle rapping

[Layza Life]
So you wanna fuck with the Layza? I sink your battleship
Slam you like Shaq when he starred in Blue Chips
Drink for the fuck of it, smoke, cuz I be loving it
Pour some out if you die, keep the living loving it
I gets God when it gets to this
With that no holds barred, black throw his fist
Them Brooklyn Zu cats, thugs for real
I got the, hot shit that melt the man of steel
You know the deal, L.I.F.E. never empty
Run through one in the head, let off three
Heart attack, catch ya breath or get left
Eating M.C.'s til they're ain't none left
You wanna battle me, dun, watch ya mouth
Uppercuts to your jaw, coming from down south, son
My caliber, proton shells, shot from Galactica
I laugh at ya, let off lines, to break a back in ya
Hacking ya, silence yo lamb, Hannibal Lector
Protect ya, neck and your CREAM, duck, my nigga

[Chorus 2X]

I will rule, yeah, but never never mind
Smack that thing up, so I can insert these lines
Actually, for my fraction, I'm crashing your contraction
Grabbing mics, then I passing
Back and forth and, open up your coffin
This ill fluid, you can't manuever, when I bust a ruger
Make you take your promo face, stays down in the sewer
Yeah, you can't stop the tantrum
When the Zu slam dance on your face for an anthem
Anthem, ansem, ante up, handsome
Fake thugs get real slugs, cuz this is what I love
So tell Rollo to swallow my mah-nozzle
When battles like this, make you wanna stop
Rewind the tape, and see what you missed

[Buddha Monk]
It's Daddy Warbucks, the verbal murder gatcha
Spit twenty bars at rap seminars
You niggas wanna fuck with me, that's negative G.
Die from the first line, and deaded in my rhymes
It's bad news vet, when this God come through
Stopped you from thinking, that your shit was banging
I object, dog, honor this God with battle bars
Who spit more harder shit, than all of ya'll
You don't think so, you hater, let's do this, not later
That way the talks done, when I spit, you know who won
I was born with this gutterish shit
Under my balls, never fit a battle, so fuck all of ya'll, nigga