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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Chapel, Haxaw, Trom
Album:  Operation Warface
Song:   Gangsta Musik
Typed by: Cno Evil

I hold it down like a true G. suppose ta
Gat in the hoster, posted up blowing that joah
Block cocked, fist popped, bubble like soda
G-shock, wrist watch man, I'm schooling the soldiers
Keep they eyes wide like Folgers and stay focused
Cuz life's like a roller coaster, we play that front car
Riding hard, risk ya fam, man, I sware to God
Staten Island the illest, matter fact, we the realest squad
New breed of killas, gorillas, with the coldest heart
So when I say, put 'em up, reach for the stars
Up the block, G-Grind, the movement
New York, New York, Cyanide City, exclusive

I'm a veteran of rap, everybody step back
A remarkable, assasinate, deadliest tracks
Blackest combat, blast 'em, do it hard
Have your bitch ass flaudelent, crazy when I cock back
Energy I got that, grizzies in the napsack
Fiends and all gats, on the Island of Stat
Bake the contract, hand to hand, follow where the breads out
We dead where you pump and make you never wanna come back
Lay back, swing my style, like when the door crack
The black gat, click clap aiming where ya jaw's at
It's on now, pour trickle down on where your knees at
Your kneecap, fold up, right up on my roll up
I'm out of control, like cars crazy doing donuts
Eat ya fucking food, I ain't talking bout cold cuts

[Chorus 2X: Trom]
This is O.G., G-Grind, gangsta musik
We gon' show you how them gangstas do it, we exclusive
7 O.D. committee, yeah, we the truth, bitch
Bambino, get it right, man, it's not what you used to

We got that fire, my guns stay with slugs for hire
Dead ya supplier, don't give a fuck what's over the wire
Faggot, I'm dedicated to living my life up, you niggas type what
The ice up, I handle's business, get it right, what?
Two nines bust, your bread or your life, chump
Flex and get wiped up, fam slump, with ya Nikes scuffed
I take the bread to the head, for that white stuff
Flood ya block and get it righter, it's something light, yup
Know what I'm repping, I'm on that G. shit
I'm rolling with muthafuckas it ain't gon' be shit
What in your hood, rocking jewels, popping tools
Acting a fool, God forbid I black on you dudes
Smack on your food, sip the cogniac and cool
7 O.D., we here to bring you back to school
So there's no need to act confused, or feel it's something you have to prove
That shit'll get you black and blue
Quick fast, I ain't study kung fu but I kicks ass
My left hook is like a sledgehammer, don't get smashed

[Chorus 2X]