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Artist: Dom PaChino f/ Lord Superb
Album:  Dom PaChino: Unreleased
Song:   I Got Music
Typed by: ThaMasta@Wu-Lyricz.Com

[Intro: Dom PaChino (Lord Superb)]
It's like everything I think about I jot down (That's right!)
My week.. distorted
Yo.. come on man! (Aiyo)
Ya fuckin' wit the Terrorist now (It's him)
 Falling Down on the trizack (It's P.R.)
'Bout to get ya back
Yo aiyo yo.. (The Wu is back.. The Arm', the Team, yo yo)

[Dom PaChino]
It's like everything I think about I jot down
My week distorted, combust and cause a glide sound
To say the least, my best is yet to come
Every since the tender age of young, never thought to be a vete-ran
Veteran makin' niggaz run, still trapped in the slums
Jums under my tongue, razor blade in my gums
Thought he was real but he sung
like the bitch-ass I thought he was from his first impression
He had a weed session, but he need lessons
Plus he need life, he dealin' with death
Suckin' on his last breath, like a pacifier
Thugs for hire, fake thugs expire
Tried to call me a liar, but the truth is in the cypher
Like the proof is in the Port and niggaz in the hooded
Actin' like Dwight Gooden, insane hoodlums
Domination, elected in the hoods, inaugeration
Thoughts be racin, facin' the fear like NARC's erasin'
Stationed in an undisclosed location
Keep food for thought, plus keep the thoughts in activation (Wu!)
My eyes chinky like an Asian
Blazin' radio stations 'cross the nation
Remain patient, plus ready like rotation
Poker face durin' interrogation
Know what you facin', like a bad situation
Niggaz become erased when
the God demonstrates his skill, beyond a record deal
Checkered steel specs with icy fronts in the grill
A neckless is reckless, respect explicit next shit
Hangin' out the Coupe like ya should've expected it
The Terrorist, on this mic piece, I disconnected it
Hang that shit up, son!

[Interlude: Lord Superb]
Emperbalism, come on!
Yo.. get that shit together.
Get that shit together.
Aiyo aiyo.. it's crazy
Yo yo yo.

[Lord Superb]
Jumped out the Hooptie, caked up experience
Like "Who wanna battle?" Say ya words, don't play with Perb
Verbs is murder, emergency, words is water
Battle for ice, MC's I will freeze ya career!
Torture, first enflamed, Rakim taught ya
Then Kane, then it was the Wu/Biggie/Nas era
Ghost the protege, who holds life, we be the
best MC's to bring these niggaz to a close.

[Outro: Lord Superb]
Holla! We big.. aiyo.
Aiyo Dom! We back! Get my rhyme book!
I got another dart.. for the next piece
It don't matter.. who want it? {*echoes*}
They don't make it.
Oh.. I thought so.
Wu.. Tang.. we back!

    "I got the music with me.. yeeeeeah! yeeeah!" - sampled singer (x2)