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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Tera Iz Him 2
Song:   You Used to Be
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, uh-huh, ya'll used to love
I remember when ya'll used to fucking
Be the first niggas online, man, cop them tickets, man
See Killarmy perform live, do our muthafucking thing
Ya'll use to throw them grenades up real high too, man
Ya'll used to love me
Make 'em love me again, yeah
I'mma make you love me again, yo

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
They used to love me when I first started, I was crazy retarded
Super dope, the bomb, the best
Bitches used to tattoo my name on they breasts
Niggas used to rock T-shirts, with my logo on 'em
Wrinkle and all, through the summer, spring, winter and fall
Used to pack our in-stores in the mall
Thirty bitches near the tour bus, waiting for the don
Another thirty backstage, right before I got on

[Interlude: Dom Pachino]
I still love ya'll though
For ya'll know not what ya'll do
This wack ass shit nowadays

[Dom Pachino]
You was my biggest man, like Eminem Stan
Had all twelve of my CD's stacked in your hand
Waiting patient near the backdoor to catch me and get an autograph
Tapped your cuz on the shoulder, bragged to him bout the flows I had
How I went twice on The Shootout, and shined on my whole team
Told him your friends used to argue who's better, Killa Sin or Dom P
You said, honestly, you was voting for me
But I love Killa Sin shit, personally
Killarmy's better than Wu-Tang, to me
Even though I know that ya'll a branch off the family tree
That's your opinion, and you're entitled to that
But I told them that Wu-Tang is one of the reasons why I started to rap
I made hits with Masta Killa, U-God, RZA and Meth
Shoutout to the Inspectah, GZA, Dirt Dog, Ghost and the Chef
Three tours with the Clan, in the carivan, the Winnebago
Starting copping jewels from ice cube to refrigerator


[Interlude: Dom Pachino]
Looking all fine and crispy and shit
I still am

[Dom Pachino]
I remember being on Rap City with Joe Clair and bowling with Big Tigger
Can't forget about The Box, cuz Ralphi boy's my nigga
Whipped the whole game up when we drop our first single
Wu-Renegades sold another grand, but was an underground jingle
Kept it hood in the V, five deep in the dollar van
When we dropped Silent Weapons, first week 38,000 scanned
Cracked the Billboard Top 10, became a household name
But with the name come the money, and money come the fame
The root of evil's in the mix, and niggas start to change
And lose sight, of the picture, from outside the frame
No more Killarmy? That's a God damn shame
If I told the fans the real season, the'll think the shit is mad lame
If we dropped another album, it just wouldn't be the same
If my heart ain't in it, then why would I do it?
Hell yeah I love my niggas, but it ain't all fluid
Some niggas deal with greed, others got too much dust in they weed
Others don't want to be bothered, and that's word to my seed
Others don't take the music that seriously
Some are just trying to live and trying to eat
See me, I be living off the shit that I speak
But I feels some niggas not respecting my G
I kept the fans fed, but they in the forums talking shit about me
Those are fake fans, they don't know shit about P
I'm a beast that released 210 songs
From '02 to '09, and that's all on Napalm
Not including what I did with the Arm', let's see
Most hooks, most tracks I was on, I'm a G

[Outro: Dom Pachino]
I still am, nigga
Tera Iz Him