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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Bomshot, Holocaust
Album:  Tera Iz Him 2
Song:   Terrorist Pirateships
Typed by: Cno Evil

The fighter bombers striked the ships with their cannons
Dropped conventional ammunitions and napalm on the ship
Repeatedly from stim to stern
After the marages have done their work, the ship was hit by medium bomber
They saw missiles and, carrying napalm and other ammunitions like white fossils

[Intro: Bomshot (Dom Pachino)]
Warghosts, Dom Pachino
Let's get it popping, Napalm, Napalm, what
(Terrorist shit, Terrorist shit)

The Prince of Persia, no fingerprints on the burner
Since the murder, I had the corpse of Mr. Burger
The risen great forgiveness, amongst sex and sinners
At thankful dinners, we discuss Satan's business
Italian Stallion, solid rose gold medallion
My whole battalion, calling ours to Long Island
Or mighty God Allah, perfect the favors upon me
The greats of wisdom, that I might be sent out to warn thee
Fucking with me, you better just shoot me
I leave you with loose teeth, have you bleeding profusely
My rhymes devour, you fucking with a higher power
I'm a sky tower, I hit you with a fire shower
I'm kind of on the horror side, take you on a drama ride
Father homicide, the reason why your mama died
Fuck a state trooper, I shoot you with bazookas
While you dwell on my past, I'm looking forward to your future
I'm a walking zombie, bad omens always haunt me
I'm a beast coming out of this game like Jumanji
Make you taste the hellfire, sacred faith of L vile
Vampires yell siren, pawn entering my empire
The clock strikes twelve, L's got wells around they wells
Where I dwell, I got mad shells, filled with skulls
To sell, my frontline's covered with empty shells
My neighbors getting suspicious from all the funny smells
Thugs wanna bang to it, hustlers wanna slang to it
I wanna go to South Bay, throw me in the gang unit
I'm dying for the day to pour, Satan from his dome
So I can build my kingdom out of fire and brimstone

I go where there is darkness, always hit the target
Ghost ships voyages, I climb inside and explode the starship
It it written, for Godly sorrow work his appentice
His salvation, not to be repented off, but to saw off the world worker's death
I leave nothing left, your rhyme is facing a natural disaster when
something crept
Fathom with help from a rag tag team of soldiers
A scientist makes a last stand on Earth against an invasion by phantom
And explosions, I break speak records at high speeds
Gorilla war machines, capture and hunt you in a labirynth
Conspiracy within a night scene
Clash of the warriors standing near the invisible ninja family
There is a man who thinks the government is trynna cover up a UFO landing
I blow a pistol like John Henry Holiday to blow you all away
The expirations of pirate ships in space, you die in this modern day
I am heard by people in the middle of nowhere
The metropolis dawns, before the evening an atomic bomb blows there
Firearms kill revolutionaries, music and time travel device
I body slide, leaving your skull in the ice

[Dom Pachino]
Frozen, brittle from corrosion
Explosions, to the foes that think they know 'em
And in the mouths of dirty bitches that wanna throw 'em
I got a hook, I'm the captain of the ship, when I'm rapping
I got a patch on my third eye and I can still see what's happening
Visual, lyrical craftman, real good soldiers, I staff 'em
Load 'em in, my war craft and blast 'em
Off to the Terror zone, where they learn to leave the dirt alone
And my cream rise to the top like foam, stone the devil
Make 'em experience what Jesus went through, repent too
That's the reason why they sent you, a firely hell
With a gross smell of human flesh, left to die a thousand deaths
My pirate ship full of scoundrels, that drink brews by the barrel
Chain up pharaohs and make 'em sing Christmas carols
For entertainment, mental enslavements the payment
You can't sustain it, observe it, obsorb it, maintain it
I doubt it, so much pain, I make them shout it
They talk shit about master Dom P, but ain't bout it, bout it
I'm so inspired, I make your whole team retire
Real talk, true story, liar liar
I set your track on fire, I wet you up
I'm spiteful, deviant, I even set you up
Make 'em repeat after me, In Terrorist We Trust