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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Tera Iz Him 2
Song:   Murda He Wrote
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

We dealing with doomness, they are killers man
They take pride in wiping people out
That's how they make their living
Those cats don't play
This is a war, we've got to use every weapon at our disposal

[Dom Pachino]
I stunt on 'em, P way to real to front on 'em
I hate all of 'em, wanna kill everyone of 'em
Straight outta the lake, I hit them niggas with a rusty gun
And drop jewels with diamond clusters for busters, son
Wake up, wake up, it's a brand new day
Niggas units ain't selling, and why they sound gay
So now they wanna play my Terrorist shit
Like we back in the day, first clean out ya ear with a Q-tip
Can kill 'em with one shot, than I'm a hit 'em with deuce-clips
Make your body do flips, like Kung-Fu or Karate
Shit, I'm a pop your shoulder like MMA
Unexpected like a straight hollow
Plus P is a hard act to follow
On my tour bus, three load cases of Bacardi bottles for my brethern
To eat the pain like exederin
It's not easy with this real hip-hop that we're pledging
And constantly you niggas is forgetting where it all started
Like I'm not crazy retarded

(Hook) 2x
Niggas wanna see how I'm living just Google Earth
There's a dip in the sky for how hard I worked
If there's a dollar in my pocket for every line I wrote
And tell me is there anyway possible when nigga is broke
If you like to get high roll one up and just smoke
I don't give a flying fuck if you're a domu or a loke
Y'all both love music, this is murder he wrote

I'd like to thank you niggas for coming out
And um return to your roots, a real hip-hop
Stop fucking with that bullshit, man
Put it back on the shelf
Niggas ain't fucking with the Terrorist
Man, y'all already know
I got a lil suprise coming

Using force, like shock and awe as you see right now, is terrorism
Terror - terror - terror
Global terrorism
Global terrorism
Global terrorism
Global terrorism
Global terrorism
Global terrorism
Global terrorism
Global terrorism