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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Shyheim
Album:  Tera Iz Him 2
Song:   Monkeys Laugh Too
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I was gonna come through, right
I was thinking like I come through and just like, headbutt them
Like with just a corner of my head, like boom
Youknowhatimean, my niggas talking bout, like, nah, man, fuck that
They acting up, let's do this shit old school
Let's run up in they muthafucking cribs and shit
And put them fucking heaters in they grill, nigga
I was like ight, that might be the remedy, knowhatimean, uh-huh

[Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, he back trust me, split ya face like a dutchie
He must be dusty, my beard scruffy, man, my chain husky
I move weight like a huskie in the snow, yeah, trust me, trust me
Yeah, jakes try and bust me, but I move swift and lovely
Catch me where the pros and the thugs be
Rocking rugbies, real hip hop, that's why them frill niggas love me, love me
Man, I put words together like them bricks on the house
You better eat what you put in your mouth
You better live with what you talk, you better run with what you walk
Man, I'm fly like a hawk, plus I watch like one
The shit that I'm writing, flashing your cash like lighting
I see them devils they rocking them horns like a viking
I'mma strike 'em with the force of a wrestler, best can come test touch
But they better be your vest tucked, then they might have their best luck
Before I have my niggas eat your food, digest ya, and shit you out like stool
Man, my fifteen year old daughter thinks I'm cool, plus the kids in the school
Man, my shit's brand new
You ever heard that saying, monkey see, monkey do
But banana clips is spitting, man, monkeys, they laugh too
Haha, haha, monkeys, they laugh too
Banana clips is spitting them, monkeys, they laugh too

[Interlude: Dom Pachino]
Terrorist shit, man, stamp it in your fucking neck, nigga
It's real hip hop, fuck what you talking about, fuck what you talking about
Give it to them

I got guns in the safebox, a bullet's in the safe
Big eighth and a razor on the plate, in my safe
But ain't no crack in my safe, you want these stacks in my safe
Try grabbing my safe, catch these fragments in your face
I'm the type of nigga to wait for ya'll to walk up in my bank
Then raise the APR, and I ain't talking bout long race
But uh, pretty rifle snipe niggas from far away
My aim so great, I can hit beer cans off case
Don't play with my papes, I kill you on your birthday
An early tuesday or thursday, when the police is thirsty
Your man gave up the plans, with hopes to come work for me
Ya'll suppose to take my bread, do me dirty, and murk me
But I came home on my job, niggas calling me work release
They good for a little while, now they calling me burglaries
In the first degree, verbally I burn MC's third degree
Just street smart for niggas, guess it's just the nerd in me
I'm every hood kid hero, I'm honey glazed turkey and cheese
So gutter with it, fuck it, make it with government cheese
And I sees more scratch than puppies with fleas
Business around the globe, different languages to speak
Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, muthafucka