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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ 9th Prince, Islord
Album:  Tera Iz Him 2
Song:   Invade Ya Empire
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino (kung fu sample)]
The Terrorist shit, nigga
Terrorist shit (invade, invade your empire)
My team invade your empire, chronicles of the dirty doctrine
(Invade, invade your empire)

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
My team invade your empire, my team invade your empire
My team invade your empire, reign power, straight fire

My style and flow is the best, yo, straight up

[Dom Pachino]
I walked on fire with water feet, kill all my beef
Like slaughtered meat, you rap niggas is sorta sweet
I'm a hundred percent grade A street, and I provide you with that AK heat
May day, may day, this LP'll be my payday
Let's see if I can top part one, I must be crazy
For trying to make the attempt, I'm super high
Off that Euro hemp, they try and catch me, but the kid's excempt
Walk with a limp, like my pop's a pimp
I'm eating good, give me lots of strength, let's cut the shit
You didn't like my last LP, at my worst
I still spit better than your favorite MC
We can go, line for line, bar for bar, rhyme for rhyme
Song for song, show for show, pound for pound
Blow for blow, toe to toe, and here's a bonus
We can even be friend or foe, I'll let fat ass G-Clef be the ref
Them niggas know that they playing with death, cuz I'll murder them
Half these cats, I never heard of 'em, they got no buzz
And no interest, to be obversing them, I choke 'em with my Terrorist turban
For talking shit, 50 niggas hopping out the suburban for certain
Guns squirting, these niggas in for a hurting
They better have a bigger army than mine
We multiply, this 2009, nigga

[9th Prince]
Aiyo, this style is so dynamic, wrap you up, with the Granddaddy Flow ceramic
New niggas can't handle it
Niggas ain't real artists, beware of the black market
Look like a bottle rocket, you out of pocket
Shoot you in your eye socket, didn't cock it, fake niggas wanna mock it
Call me your highness, kneel down, polish the crown
Trump Caesar Palace, when we lounge
Megatron vocals, choke you locos
Healthy like tofu, yeah, kidnap fools
And smack they ass, with the muthafucking God-U
What you wanna do?

"A new kind of war, against the shadowy enemy, will never defeated"
	"Either you'll trust, or you will win the terrrosists"

[Chorus 2X]

My style and flow is the best, yo, straight up
Fuck around get your face ate up, with the gem star, pa
But that's how I get down
Quick to spend a nigga around, and put a candy cane scar on your crown
Fuck her for a pound, my shit pop without a sound
Cuz I'm low key, like a nigga on the run for my body in the hood

[Dom Pachino]
Max out, black out, kill 'em all, until they fall
Show and prove the shit that I'm living for, cuz iller more
Gorilla war, I build and soar, just like a falcon
Climb mountains, drain fountains, step in a room with no announcements
I train for war, draining forth, for simplicity
Stack 'em up, I guess it's just that Latin shit up in me
I snap like a rubberband, brother man, just understand
The nitch, and my style was discovered, fam, it's easy
Destroy them all, measly, greasy, thinking they jeez, be
Have 'em found up somewhere where the seaweed
On the south shore, maybe South Beach
S.I.N.Y., nigga, let's not talk about the guns I fry

[Chorus 2X]