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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Tera Iz Him 2
Song:   Flower Pot
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

I don't see y'all niggas, I see thru you
You ain't making sense, you definitely ain't making dollars
Don't even holla

[Dom Pachino]
Should I ever stop? Nah I'm working on a better crop
Better dirt, better seed, the Earth is my Flower Pot
Let it grow, let it breathe, y'all niggas know my pedigree
Got music up my sleeves and tucked in my Dungarees
Just got back from overseas from making them Euros
Like Jigga said, plural, gotta grind hard
Cuz anything is better than zero
I'm not a role model; I'm more like a hip-hop hero
Rock shows across the globe and wore a mask like Zorro
Bumrush the game like El-Toro
But I didn't take no bullshit
I made sure I own my own Masters
And them contracts were legit
I didn't sign shit quick, like a nigga rhyme fast
We can take it slow, bro, and keep my money in a stash
Y'all niggas jump, when them dollar signs flash
Nice guys finish last? I don't know if that's true
But smart niggas get the last laugh
And nigga that's who? And nigga that's who?

(Hook) ]2x
Can I do it?	(Man, you been doing it)
Should I stop?	(Hell nah, keep pursuing it)

[Dom Pachino]
Ayo, keep rhyming, keep grinding, keep climbing
Keep shining, peep time and your boy be fucking with that deep rhyming
I'm an architect building this castle
I'm a sorcerer swinging his lasso
I don't see y'all niggas, sorry I see past you
And if you in my way, cockblocker, I'll blast you
I won't laugh with you, I'll laugh at you
Just like a carwash I'll wax you
And just like the IRS I'll tax you
And show you the speed of pain and how it travel
Went on vacation for a while, nigga I'm back at you
P tracks harder than the statue
Organic or natural, exceptional
Being pussy will have me losing respect for you
Have you protect your neck, your food
Gotta respect the due
Cuz it'll have you turned to a vegetable
For fucking with who, not me
Not a nigga like P, just a fly lil nigga on the M.I.C.
Repping K.A.M.N.P. in N.Y.C.
I was destined to do this, my N.I.G.
Ain't an emcee that could do this or they F.A.G.
And you will see, this is real hip hop like B.I.G.

(Hook) 2x