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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Shyheim
Album:  Rice & Beanz
Song:   Ya'll Botti Boyz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, roll that shit up, man
Make that shit fat, man, yeah

[Dom Pachino]
Why-y-y, fucking with a nigga like P
Ya'll nigga must wanna die-ie-ie
Come and try-y-y, and get your shit fucked up
I'll have your mama just cry-y-y
I'm so fly-y-y, ya'll niggas go with a slice well
I'mma need the whole pie-ie-ie
Let me tell you why-y-y, boom bye bye
Throw your ass in hot oil, watch the botti boy fry
I was raised in the soil, made my way out the coils
You can say I was spoiled, cuz I was raised in the rotten apple
I had to tackle, made from the best stuff on Earth like a Snapple
And I pop alot in every popping spot, plus I love to shop alot
I did some shit, but I never seen Camelot
But I performed at every jamming spot
Whether I was getting paid or not
But I was getting laid alot
Ya'll botti boyz must of forgot what you dealing with
I'mma remind ya'll bitch ass niggas quick
You dealing with some real live live players
You dealing with some real mack mack sprayers

Dred simmer likkle youth, do you smoke ganja?
If so, blaze up, lick a spliff with me
Me said cool, him say 'where's the light?'
I said I'm the light, it's a fire you seak
Some days I wake up, and I feel like quitting
Other days I fall asleep, and I'm glad I didn't
Thank God for the strength and the blessing he's given me
Me do shit, sales on me broke easy like celery
It's hard being a father, gotta plan for your future
Think about my little girl before I pull out to shoot ya
Before I post up and sell drugs, before I rob a person
Stop and ask myself, is a life of crime my purpose
Since you've been gone, John, I've been going hard God
Taking them extra steps, you know what the odds are
I did a show in ATL and I smashed it
They was wilding and shouting all the words to my classics
The bad little bastard, freestyle from my dome
Dom P, tellin' me to bring the Staten Island shit, home
So I'mma do that, nigga, never say who that nigga
It's a crip, muthafucka, and I'm blew that nigga
And I wear a lotta blue, that nigga
And I get in a blue range, cuz I'm true to that nigga
You can flip, you can front, like you want it with Shy
But you know me, I've been doing shit since I was yah-yah
Yah-yah, age, since goo-goo gah-gah days
Since RZA and the Meth, blowing through your set
Nigga don't want it, straight up and down, you know me
Fuck it, I'm fucking with you, cuz you my homey, Dom P