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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Rice & Beanz
Song:   Who iz This
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
I drink a fifth, move swift, who is this?
All you need to know, is I handle my business
I ain't got to front, cuz nigga, I live this
And I'm known around the hood, for poppin' my biscuit

[Dom Pachino]
Fuck around and front, you'll be a statistic
I came up with that team that be repping that militant
Stay on that Killa shit, I know you feeling it
Know what you dealing with, I cop the V with a grill that's sick
Just to show 'em what I'm working with, got them birds chirping quick
That only suck certain dick
I need the best out of life, fruit for the children
And a garden for my wife, pardon the strife and the pain
I endured, but I've been trying to get it right
While it rained and it poured, and only being sane was aboard this ship as it toured
I smoke a spliff of the raw, some green shit that I've never seen before
So close to the edge, yet I never seem to fall, never seem to fall

[Chorus 2X]

[Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, I ain't gotta stump for no one, front for no young dumb bitch
Full of cum, I put work in
He's so gangsta's, what they blurting, that's for certain
My tracks be banging til they hurting, the ears of my listeners
Intrude parishioners, that follow my shit from the beginning
I'm bout to take it home in the ninth inning
Damn, I love winning, damn, I love women
Ain't shit changed but my lyrics and my digits
Still got them rats and them snitches, they sorta like a sickness
So I don't talk business, I let my lawyers talk business
And make sure they out for my best interest
Make investments with nice interest
And a CD account for my little princess
I keep working on my catalog, ya'll niggas wont forget this

[Chorus 2X]