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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Rice & Beanz
Song:   Thugz R Us
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Dom Pachino]
Thugs are us, we play with big toys and discuss
How we gon' make some real noise and trust
We won't have it no other way, you disrespect and slugs will spray
You give us what we want, and live to see another day

[Dom Pachino]
Excuse mua, my repertoire bon appetit
I treat tracks like I'm boning a freak
I stuck this chrome in your beak for all that rubish you speak
My music be running the streets like mixtapes, the hood listen
To the king, as I dictate, get the shit straight
I'm no longer affiliated with Wu
But I be damned if a man don't respect what I do
I spit Napalm, that's the name of the label
That's the name on the check on the table, thanks alot
I'm not a soldier, I'm a general, nigga, my rank's alot
Of blood, sweat and tears, for years, reserve my spot
It's an understatement, if you calling me hot
I'm supernova, straight off the block, I'm Sly Stallone in Cobra
Nigga, welding the glock, I'm the real
When you know it, I'm a poet like Pac
Give me a chance, I won't blow it, I will show what I got
I told these niggas, man, they can front if they want to
But when I come in, I'm coming in hard, aiyo

[Chorus 2X]

[Dom Pachino]
My gun is hot, the barrel left smoking is what
These niggas get for provoking a spokesman
I bless ya'll niggas with a track, show appreciation
Now walk a mile inside my boots as you initiation
I'm back like I never left, one more time like sudden death
The way I cook these rice and beans, you will call me a chef
My wordplay make birds say, he so crazy
My words speak for itself, and say "P's not lazy"
Smarten up, fly straight, rep New York State
Watch out for blue and whites, the same color as my license plates
Quote, I was destined to win
I debut with my group, but by myself at the end
I'm still grinding, still climbing, still rhyming
Still militant and nigga, I'm still shining
What, I told ya'll niggas, man, give us what we want
Ya'll ain't wanna listen, now it's over

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, Dom Pachino, man
New York shit, Staten Island repping to the fullest, son
Show these niggas it's fucking over, king me, king me!