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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Rice & Beanz
Song:   They Don't Want None
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, Yeah
G's up, Freeze up
Yo, Yeah, Yo.

[Dom Pachino]
I look at them I see it man, They don't really want none of this
But they are welcome to experience this
And take a ride with me as I push through 24 inch deep dish
Chromed out kid, Look at boy doin it big
And kids you aint got to sell fish to get that swish
You just gotta have ambition and apply that shit
I tell the truth to the youth, That a future of this
And if you trapped behind bars you can't do it like this
I gave a couple labels a chance to sign this kid
They slept, Now they wishin they did, My grind is sick
Respect true story, Now there aint nothin they can do for me
They call me, They wanna feature with they acts that's corny
But it's business not personal, You got checks I'll work with you
You disrespect and I'm murkin you
Sticks and stones can break bones, I'm showin you whats work to do
I'm hot, My shit on the street you know I'm burin you

[Chorus 2X: Dom Pachino]
I look at them and see it man, They don't really want none
They had they chance the fronted man, They don't really want none
I'm rollin em like chiba man, Smoke em like a blunt son
They don't want none kid, They don't want none

[Dom Pachino]
Yall don't really want none of this
Hit you like a hundred bricks, More like a hundred of kicks
More like hundreds of spics, You'll be stomped
Spectators caught hundreds of flicks
I rock beats with hundreds of drums, Got hundreds of guns
Got millions of fans, If your not in my position then you wouldn't understand, 
I do it for me, I do it for them
I do it for my family take my people out the slums
I work hard cause I have to, Cause when you aint got shit then they laugh at you
And they show no love, This is actual, Fact so I make ridiculous stacks like it's natural
Makin music is pancakes, Put syrup on that
the critics say that Dom P is a lyrical cat
Quote, His business mind makes him bigger then that
This is Team Napalm, More then just rap