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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Rice & Beanz
Song:   Pacman Spray
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, I eat pellets like Pacman, my gun don't jam
My bitch got triple D bazookas, god damn
I shoot ya, you ain't fam dog, you ooka nooba
Underground like a scuba diver
I'm in great shape, lyrical excersizer
Great tape, wrap ya face like a mummy for playing a dummy
For goodness sake, give me a breaker breaker one-two
A nigga I shake like pitch do, I take you
And make you submit to this beautiful Terrorist shit

[Chorus 2X: Dom Pachino]
And why do I, feel like this everyday
Like, when they don't hear my shit, my gun should spray
My gun should spray, my gun should spray, yo DJ

[Dom Pachino]
It ain't hard to tell, I rap like a bat out of hell
Convict out of jail, hold my weight like a whale on a scale
You niggas move, slow like a snail
Sellin' powder that's pale, hope them snitches don't tell
Hope my riches prevail, a nigga travel like mail
Don't get sparked in the dark, like the third rail
By the blue steele, fuck you talking bout 'who real'
All you need to know, is who killed this track
And hope they don't get bitch smacked, you feel?

[Chorus 2X]