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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Rice & Beanz
Song:   Move Accurate
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, yeah, S.I.N.Y.
Everybody sleeping out here now
I guess I gotta wake 'em up
Break 'em up, it's Napalm World, baby

[Dom Pachino]
Understand me, when I come through, I might snatch a Grammy
Bust a slug for my Puerto Rican family
We still in the ghetto, we try'nna make it out
But them jakes on my dick, like them jakes down south
And that's why old boy got punched in his mouth
Cuz old boy didn't know what he was talking about
Get accustomed to the rules, homey, or see the tools, homey
I'm about to make a deal with Sony
And have your little pretty bitch, blow me
Now watch the world act like they know me, but I'm not familiar
You come in between me and my funds, I'll have to kill ya
And I'm not lying, streaking you out like a flat iron
Cuz you attract sirens, and I'mma keep climbing and I'mma go diamond
It's about what P says, fuck Simon
I'm making music since before I was a teen, like Frankie Lymon
Only difference is he sing, and I'm rhyming
I'm spinning, I'm winning, I'm shining
I'm slipping, I'm dipping, I'm diving
I guess it's all timing...

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
I've been repping hard body since a young buck
Where my soldiers at? My niggas, throw ya guns up
Where my bitches at? Please, let it clap for me
This entertainment biz is more than just rap to me
My music's like crack, produced in the factory
I'm out for my goals, procede to move accurately

[Dom Pachino]
I'm not arrogant, this fucking nigga's extravagent
I'm fucking bitches that be winning beauty pageants, man
Driving cars that's in the movies
But we rap stars in the movies, we got our own share of groupies
I knock a nigga out, he wanna sue me
But when I was broke, same nigga tried to shoot me
I got gang niggas try'nna recruit me
Cuz they know that I bust my toolie, I grew up with 'em
Step-pops had an uzi, an M-16, a nine, I was choosie
But I was out of my mind, drinking Old Gold and Ballantine
A young nigga with a violent mind
Same sign as Einstein, P's a genius
Enter hip, hop, I pledge allegiance
Before a show, I made sure the track was in sequence
And then I took the track and blew the shit to pieces
After the trials, is when the rats get released, kid
Then they back on the streets, that's when we gotta get 'em


[Dom Pachino]
Move accurate, right and exact, the impact you get
Is more than just rap, it's rent and mortgages
It depends on how good your ass absorb this shit
Is it a talent? Or is it a mold?
Of your favorite rapper's style, that you cherish to hold
Is it natural, organic, you can't proserve my flow
A great performer, I'll catch ya'll niggas at my shows
But um, don't let me catch ya'll niggas at my door
Cuz if so, then out come my four-four
I say nothing else, cuz you already know, how the shit already go
Pasta niggas with spaghetti flows
Make me a plate, cop my album just to get you in shape
You wanna know about my next one, I give you a date