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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Live Brim
Album:  Rice & Beanz
Song:   Eat Wood
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Enough is enough, what ya'll thought it was though
Seriously, is you fucking deaf right now, dude
Yo Live, man, give me some nails, God
I'm bout to nail this nigga coffin shut
Make him eat wood, yo

[Dom Pachino]
I'm smoking cuz I've been through fire
Niggas choking, they inhale the cider
I admit I'm in an empire state of mind, militant way of life
Yeah, the God rolling right, bulletproof coupe
Yeah I'm ruthless, the truth is no secret
How I do this, peep it, you only find truth if you seek it
You niggas 666 like a weak bitch, get caught in my sequence
Ooh, you in deep shit, you misfits, you puppets
Do what the director say, you go both ways
But I don't respect the gay, no prob
You small like a little insect, I spray all day
My forte, my gun play, I even do this on a Sunday
What's my name, nigga, Dom P, the veteran
Ya'll niggas better have respect, fam

[Live Brim]
I said niggas want off, I got a hot 16
So I pulled out and hit 'em with a hot sixteen
The flows is mean, on point, like an infered beam
Abouts my business, hoping putting in for my team
Black mask, black gloves, getting in for the cream
Black jags, black trucks, we pulling up on the scene
Trust me, doggie, you don't want drama, put two to your spleen
You would of thought, on the third, muscle man getting this cream
Moving the muscle, hustle man, will lead to a scuffle
When I get asthma, can't find long, got a lean back and bust you
I don't trust you, never did like you, show you what the knife do
Or hit you up from seven hundred feet, with the rifle
Dog, I'm hype to excite you, not knowing what I might do
Come through with more heat, than what I'm spitting in the mic booth
You got a dick chick fiending to change my name to Michael
Fresh darts from out the pad, you spit the same raps recycled
You straight trash, claiming you so tough, but you straight ass
Been left with your eyes open on the corner when the eight blast

[Chorus 4X: Live Brim (Dom Pachino)]
From my hood to your hood, we leave 'em laying where they stood
(Close the casket on these niggas and make 'em eat wood)