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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Gunz An Glory: A Soldier Story
Song:   That's What's Happening
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, uh-huh, 231 Barracks
Napalm Studios, right here in the building, nigga

[Dom Pachino]
Yo, you can't say shit, about how I do
Take -- let the record play, til I say I'm through
Matter fact, come in, I show you how I do
For instance I start the day with a boner
Piss last night's brew, hit the fence for a Corona
Hey DJ, are you playing my shit?
That was a wakeup call, I didn't appreciate it
It was wild last night, I had a fight, I was faded
But I did initiate it, though I had it situated
Before, the shit escalated
And I thought to myself, what a mess I make it
Word, shit's out of hand, man
Dude grabbed the joint out the car
Me and Ock chased him right out the bar
We splashed that nigga with stools
We showed that muthafucka nigga how Napalm do
Why he got out of line, I told him chill at Ock
He didn't listen to me, he start to start that shit
I said --- nigga, you buggin', yo Ock
Annihilate him Ock, Annihilate him!
Yo, I had to tell Ock to chill, I seen the blood chill
Walked over to dude, told him, get up, go back to the Hill
He didn't listen to P, he said fuck ya'll niggas
I splashed that nigga with the bing, big ring
Broke his fucking jaw, he screaming like a little whore
After I splashed him and assed war
Yeah, that's what he asked for
Man, that's what he asked for

[Chorus 2X: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, that's what's happening
When me and the Team start to hit Manhattan and
Roll the scene, see what's happening
Niggas scheme, man, we start to blacken fam