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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Killa Sin
Album:  Gunz An Glory: A Soldier Story
Song:   Not Enuff Godz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, it's Dom P., nigga
Yeah... probably one of the illest -- yea, yo

[Dom Pachino]
I'm out for the cream of the crop
Won't stop, til my team on the top
Last seen in the Beem' with a drop
Rag down, making niggas, put they flags down
Throw in they towel, I'm a general like Colin Powell
Trouble tiena with my bow and arrow
My poison flow will stab you
You is dead, is what they said
When they found him in the gravel, what, there they have you
Haven't you heard about the food chain? Word
That's how we do things, you a puppet, I pull strings
I flip it on 'me like a mood swing
Do it right, don't have to prove things
All nights with this, even mics get dissed
And wives get dissed, for adrenaline
Underground LP's, what? Released about ten of them
Can't forget 3 more I did with my mens and them
That I did for the G's in the P's that be trapped in tenements
I'm all in my element, try and stop me, I'm way too cocky

[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
It's too many devils, not enough Gods
Too many rebels, not enough squads
Too many devils, not enough Gods
Too many rebels, not enough squads
That's why I formed the Team

[Killa Sin]
Yo, it's like God cursed this Earth that we born in
Sworn in for life, right? It's trife night
Niggas stay swift like a night flight
I might do whatever, to take whatever
Break and sever, contemplating your fate, what a great endouver
It's like your pain is my gain and I strain through migranes
And start mine in hard times, I find myself being by my delf
No one else can stabilize my health for providing wealth
That's why I'm physically fit for this rap shit
My tracks hit hard and bomb niggas like bad bricks
And I'm armed with many more, yo, plenty more niggas around
But ain't enough for them hardcore, yo
Gotta keep it at a underground level, fuck commercial ass raps
I'd rather dance with the devil