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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Double AB
Album:  Gunz An Glory: A Soldier Story
Song:   No Sleep
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Hook 2X: Dom Pachino]
Ya'll don't really want none
Ya'll don't really want none
Ya'll don't really want none, nahImean?
Ya'll don't really want none
Ya'll don't really want none
Ya'll don't really want none, nah

[Chorus: Double AB (Dom Pachino)]
Too many late nights, too many long days
We can't stop til our pockets big as Andre
Or King Kong Bundy
So when you see us at a show, you better bring our money
(We hustling 2-4-7, no sleep
Like we on the highway to heaven, fast life
Floating and we higher than an airplane engine
And we gon' do what it takes for them Benjamins)

[Dom Pachino]
Ya'll don't really want none of this
Hit you like a ton of bricks, more like a hundred of kicks
More like a hundred of spics, you be stomped
Spectators caught hundreds of flicks
I rock beats with hundreds of drums, got, hundreds of guns, got
Millions of fans, if you not in my position
Then you wouldn't understand, I, do it for me, I
Do it for them, I do it for my fam, to take my people out the slums
I work hard cuz I have to, cuz when you ain't got shit, then they laugh at you
And they show no love, and this is actual
Facts, so I make ridiculous stacks like it's natural
Make music, it's pancakes, put syrup on that
The critics said Dom P.'s a lyrical cat
Quote, his business mind makes him bigger than that
This is Napalm Team, nigga, more than just rap


[Hook 2X]

[Outro: Dom Pachino]
Knowhatimasaying, Team Napalm, man
Official work, man, we gon' reep the benefits, believe that
Word up, I'm the hardest working nigga in rap, believe that
Who drops this many joints, who does this kind of shit, man
Dub Sonata, what up, my dude?
Crazy with the beats, as usual
And my whole team is crazy, man
Ya'll yet to see, it's just the beginning though
Word, Rice & Beanz coming soon, watch out