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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Gunz An Glory: A Soldier Story
Song:   Ain't Sorry
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, uh-huh, I ain't sorry for shit, man
I ain't sorry for shit I did in the past
I'mma learn from my mistakes, uh-huh, yea, yeah, yo

[Dom Pachino]
I'm sorry for the things I did in my past
I'm sorry for the way, I get up in a nigga's ass
No homo, no more promo, no more privono
Know one of you, if shown energy that I show, when I speak into the phono
No more Mario Cuomo, stand alone, straight solo
Soon to pipe like I'm playing polo
Knone one of you, if shown energy that I show
When I do, a showmo, yo, a showmo
Yeah, entertain a crowd, like I was trained for a riot
When I sling 'caine did they buy it?
Did they try it, or did they deny it, man
Some cooked it, but for sure, no fiend overlooked it
If I was doing shows, I was straight booked, kid
You know it's funny? Like I can show ya'll niggas ya'll can't fuck with Dom P.'s money
Ya'll can't stop the way I'm dropping it
And I stick for the topics, straight logic, man
Get that CREAM nigga, live your dream nigga
Cuz I'mma do what I gotta, youknowhatimsaying man?
Word up, S.I.N.Y., Staten Island, New York
I'm not sorry for shit, they way I started in this, man
Hold on, let me think...
Around my hood, they was kicking darts, nigga
Man, they was kicking darts, nigga
Every now and then I sneak to a show
Hip Hop at the door
I was a shorty, I used to step to an MC like can I get some time, money
I was a little young nigga, but I used to toke the gun, nigga
Yeah I was raised in the Stat
That's where I lay my hat
Staten Island, where you at? man
Stapleton, where you at? Park Hill, where you at?
Is ya'll niggas living that? Is ya'll niggas living that? Man
It's Dom P, man, real shit, real talk
We gon' rip this shit, nigga, real talk
Yeah, uh-huh, yeah, I'm not sorry for shit
I'm not sorry for shit, what I did, man, I'm here, I'm living it
What? I'm not sorry the way I roll with my click
Ya'll be sorry, I'm not sorry the way I roll with my click
I'm not sorry, the way I made it from the slums to the sticks
Doing shows for the honkeys, the niggas and the spics
Man, I'm a global dude international
Yeah, and I'm really quite rational
You just got to talk rational
I might end up splashing you
If you ain't talking right, man
And we wild for the night, man
Please don't start a fight, man
The show be over and the people that pay money
They be mad, cuz they ain't sober
They might strike like the cobra
Cuz you ain't let this soldier speak
And give 'em what they want, you don't really want to front on the Team
Yeah, yeah, ya'll be sorry
Ya'll be sorry, but I'm not sorry
I'm not sorry, I learned from my mistakes man
That's what it takes man