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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Crunch Lo
Album:  The Grunge
Song:   This is Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Crunch Lo]
Aiyo, Beneen I always knew you was one
Now it's time for you to let them know, that you the one

[Crunch Lo]
I done kicked down the door and waved the four-four
It's Crunch Lo, I know ya'll niggas heard before
I'm from the B to the O to the D to the Y
I'm a black ass nigga, but I stays fly
Niggas want my grip and broads on my dick
I'm still alive cuz ya'll niggas botched up the hit
Now I'm out for a vengeance, I end ya'll career
Vanguard one of ya'll and send your mother the ear
Listen here, I'm in control, and cleanse my soul
I'm pure like African gold, blacker than coal
I'm a time bomb, gun having, rebel like Bin Laden
Been stabbing these cracks, I've been melting wax
I'm a horse and crime boss and love to floss and
My name ring bells from L.A. to Boston

[Interlude: Crunch Lo]
Ooooh, yeah see, it's that Jungle Nillz nigga right there
Yo Beneen, don't wild out too much, but let them niggas have it, for real

[Crunch Lo]
Aiyo, I form like amoebas, tuck you with the heater
Give your ass the fever, I smoke the green reefer
I'm straight out the belly, get down like Tommy Brown
When the shit get smelly in the heart of Body Town
I'm a get-money wreck, get money and step
Before indictments pop up and guillotine my rep
Yo, I'm Barry White smooth, I follow the Cash Rules
I got a big block that'll make your ass move
So get with me, get close, I make you rotisserie
Hit something, put your love ones in misery
I'm Cruncha Beneen, asthma lung squeeze
Ya'll niggas can't live, cuz ya'll can't hardly breath
I cut your cardiovascular, you ain't build for the massacre
About to happen to ya, I'm the nicest M.C. to be, live it down for me
I'm real legit, with words, I'm dilligent

[Interlude: Crunch Lo]
Aiyo, Beneen, where you learn that at? West Brighton?
Or out there in Park Hill with Lounge and 'em?
Hit 'em one more time

[Crunch Lo]
I tell you now, you don't want no parts of the kid
Live by any means, so something gotta give
Flip raps like acrobats, I love the money stacks
Used to pack a mack, in the back of the Ac'
Jakes give chase, "Run" like Cappa and Ghostface
If you wanna survive, if you wanna stay alive
Crunch Beneen talking to you, boy, listen when I speak
Spin like twelve hundres when I drop technique
Beat jacker, pro blacker, mic attacker
This one here is for all the gun clappers
And real street niggas on they griz, what it is
It's war in the field and it's war with the pigs
Shawn Wigs come and scoop me in the hoopty
Make sure you bring a long burner and murder mami cutie

[Outro: Crunch Lo]
See? That's what I'm talking about
This is what it is, right here
Cruncha Beneen, it's going down, man
Open your ears and your eyes wide
It's a wrap