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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ NLZ
Album:  The Grunge
Song:   Only the Strong (Napalm)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: NLZ]
One, two, one, two, one, two
Yeah... it's NLZ, Napalm, only the strong
Yeah... check it, uh-huh

My train of thought is brute force, and you're forced to man up
You're not equivelent, your mathematics don't add up
I study life, like beyond the atmosphere, your thought
I'm like Obi-Wan, I became one with the force
You can't deny it, my aura alone is radiant
Magnetic like your being this age, and gradiant
Build the richer picture, I catch a buzz like clippers
My lava hands lethal without, the pearl gripper
I keep it quiet, like the ninja, I'm stealth
Camouflage sabotage in the utility belt
Like Batman, the episode is dark like opposing
MC's fall apart, from, all this emotion
Heh, I'm too corosive like battery, kid
I spit the acid, foaming out the mouth, dog, I'm rabid
Mics I grab it, heated metal in palms
Pilot the penmenship, Napalm, only the strong, yo
I spit darts dipped in Five Deadly Venom
Penetrate your flesh, like threat's diss to did 'em
It gets busy in the studio loan
I got a thirst you couldn't satisfy, ready to flow
In and out of the contour, of the music note
The measures, thought the turbulence, wind starts to blow
Run for your feathers, flock with big birds like Moses
NLZ drop the logic like understanding culture
The hollow shell of the human, emotions lost
Cause spitting like ice wind and temperature falls
My crime, it was writen, listen to the alphabetic diction
Paragraphs chizzled in your skull, the inscription
Bred lifestock like your red light intention
You entered, the realm of a horrid position
Most of these, at-water rappers take notice
Heavy hands can't do nothing against the White Lotus
Fall back, I bring it like heat from the sun
I keep a stone laced in court, get acquited for gun
Never snitch, be on the run, out of state, out of line
Till I'm knowing this kid, from Freedom, drop a dime
The savage grind, I hold my own and add on
You know my Team Napalm, kid, only the strong
Live long and prosper, P fortified the roster
Full court press and God murder the imposters