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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ C-Tera, Desert Eagle, Jack Don
Album:  The Grunge
Song:   Hood Politics
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Desert Eagle]
Mic check... bear witness to hip hop
It's the alliance, the alliance...
Straight dogs, we off the leashes
Uh... Jack Daniels... C-Tera... this is what you get

[Desert Eagle]
Yo, I'm a gangsta, I don't really run for nothing
I put that work in, I ain't the one for fronting
I'm on the front line, I'm the first one that's busting
Then fuck her one time, drop a clip, keep on gunning
It's a Hillside Scrambler, your team don't want it
In the Hill I got wolves, that'll keep on coming
They gon' dump until they hit you, keep on running
Keep, keep running, deep front on your onion
Are you sure you want it, I ain't the one that's fronting
I told you, in part two, I ain't the one that's fronting
It's you, ya'll not ready, and ya'll never will be, for sure
My gun heavy, got a big steel piece that blow
Big chip off your shoulder, ship cocoa for boulders
Loaded in rovers, ship a hundred keys over
I got plenty bricks, make a boat tip over
I got many whips, fill 'em up with soldiers, nigga

[Chorus 2X: Desert Eagle]
It's hood politics
All gangstas gon' follow it, the hood full of hollow tips
My alliance never follow tricks
It's all good when the bottle tip, hoes gon' swallow kids

[Jack Don]
Yeah, straight off the plane, I be fucking ya brain
Jack Don, from the slums, nigga, tuck in your chain
Stay in your lane, cuz you can end up feeling the pain
Fucking with the made niggas, 5th Borough, the Grain
No beach raw, niggas is hot dogs, I put on the grill
Shit get hot, when I'm pulling that clock hard
Rock star status, whipping hot cars lavish
You ain't hot, ya'll average, I will crack ya'll cabbage
Damage any nigga with a grudge on the streets
Got advantages on niggas when it comes to these beats
You so sweet, your tongue is probably rotting your teeth
Wanna fuck with Jack Don, you can rock in your beat
Dodging the beast, these haters probably watching my piece
But the king is too far for these niggas to reach
Niggas wanna chase Jack, just to run in the grief
Think it's all about rap til I tie up your niece, nigga

[Chorus 2X]

We spitting more fire, cocking our hammers, we killing all liars
Snitchers get their jaw wired, hit with the heat
Push ya shit back, give you that sweet, that nasty
That good shit, like ketchup, sticky stuff
Nigga body in the street, like he got hit with a truck
Police not giving a fuck, cuz they got to take me down if they catch me
I ain't going in cuffs, I'd rather die, no bitch in my eye
Tera arise, Shyheim passed the mic, said "nigga, it's time"
So I pray to the statue, breeze through the story of Matthew
Read a few pages on Jobe, too sad, we gon' conquer the globe
The world is ours, determined like the pilots that took down the towers
I'm charged vexed and amped up, focused like Neo, I'm ready
Gain power, cuz I'm spitting it heavy, and I aim steady...

[Chorus 2X]