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Artist: Dom Pachino f/ Shyheim
Album:  The Grunge
Song:   The Franklin Family
Typed by: Cno Evil

The Franklin Family, we Staten Island legends
Musha stole grandpa's keys and crashed his car in the terrace
Got an Uncle Lenny G's, who jumped off the roof
Ever since the Vietnam war, his screws been loose
All my Uncle Michael do, is get drunk and play the lotto
Talking bout "Born, let me hold a dollar, pay you back tomorrow"
My cousin give about a hundred and three years
Cousin Un got nine in with like sixteen more years
Through his first born, my cousin Tawana got shot in the head
When I was just a little boy, Kane coming home after a long stretch
Family room, and say these brothers, same dudes, fuck our mothers
Grandma had twenty five kids, two of my aunts passed away
From the heps, grandpa died from smoking cancer sticks
Freddy Red finally F-R-E-E, cousin got an O-B-C-C for an V-O-P
Can't forget Remy Hennessey, H, we B.B.
My Aunt Nici she a Christian, told her I was God she started flipping
My Cousin Niss like my sis, Cousin Gun clap his strap and he spit
Can't forget my Uncle Duck, served with five kids
Gerber P, his fat man and breeze, we all the Franklin Family
My mother did state bids, father did state bids
I didid state bids, we the Franklin Family
My cousins did state bids, aunts did state bids
Uncles did state bids, we the Franklin Family