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Artist: Dom Pachino
Album:  Domination
Song:   My Story
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
A lot of things changed...
Best friends ain't the same...
Plus the music ain't the same...
Word... but I still got love, yo

[Dom Pachino]
This is my story, cuz when I fell in love with rap
They call it hip hop, cuz that's where the soul is at
I had to be nine, going on ten, my best friend
Let me hear some demos from his brother, and that's when
I fell in love with this music, that I create
Ninety seven dropped the single, first time that I ate
Was '98, and it wasn't off a platinum plate
I got some ammo and some troops, and said it ain't too late
We gon' do it, not only we gon' do it, we gon' run right through it
Food for thought, nigga, you living fluid
We like liquid, and we also like gas
We can through your body and pass out your ass
That's how we shit away the trash
You got caught with hay fever, and developed a rash
Ate from the wrong tree, and you grew up fast
Some relationships just don't last, some friendships just don't last
Some teams, they break up fast, some teams, they stay together
Like a true Army, through any weather, however
Remember when we did this shit strictly for the love
Once the money got involved, now the shit is corrupt
Best friend turned foe, good bitches turn hoes
How I know, first class, they get fucked at my shows
Send them back to they man, fucked up, nobody knows
Next week, same freak, that's just how the shit goes
I didn't make the rules, I just survive by 'em
And if you wanted by the kid, you not gon' slide by 'em
Cuz I'm a live wire, who love to open fire
That want to accomplish every goal that my strong mind desire
I'm hot, you can't turn out my fire
I tell the truth, you can't, call me a liar
With knowledge of self, I build my empire
After a end of the race, you gonna see higher
Some friendships just don't last, some teams, they break up fast
Some teams, they stay together, like a true Army, through any weather, however
A lot of things change, best friends ain't the same
The music ain't the same, but I still got love
No doubt, son, I still got love
It's my heart, word, I still got love